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BHM Book Fair Weekly Themes

BHM Book Fair Weekly Themes
Each night has a different theme for the book showcases and community panel discussions

Weekly Themes for the Black History Month Book Fair

Week 1: How To Publish, Market And Promote Our Literature
Week 2: African American Pride And Traditions
Week 3: Black Love And Relationships
Week 4: Living Your Best Life
Week 5: Politics, Prose And Poetry
Week 6: Celebrating Our African American Female Leaders

Black History Month Nightly Spotlights

Feb. 1, Book Club Presidents Showcase
Feb. 2, Yes, We Did and Historical Books
Feb. 3, Heritage and Culture Panel Discussion
Feb. 4, Essence Bestseller Showcase- How Did You Do It?
Feb. 5, Multi-Cultural Books and E-books
Feb. 6, Romance and Romantic Suspense Novels
Feb. 7, Erotica and Sensual Poetry
Feb. 8, Healthy Living: Goal Setting, Financial Literacy and Career Choices
Feb. 9, How to Self-publish Correctly
Feb. 10, Book Publicity and Promotions
Feb. 11, Building Media Relationships
Feb. 12, Thrillers, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Mystery
Feb. 13, Urban and Street Lit--Black Love Showcase
Feb. 14, Sexy Poetry and Erotica -- Happy Valentines!
Feb. 15, Book Club Shout Outs, Live Readings-Fiction
Feb. 16, Christian Fiction Showcase and Readings
Feb. 17, Non-Fiction, Biographies, Self-help Books
Feb. 18, Healthy Living: Fitness, Diet, and Health Books
Feb. 19, Teen Lit and Children Authors
Feb. 20, Alternate Sexual Lifestyles, Gay and Lesbian Books
Feb. 21, Open Mic Poetry Jam
Feb. 22, New Releases 2009, Best Blog and Social Network Builders
Feb. 23, Christian and Motivational Showcase
Feb. 24, All Male Authors and Live Readings
Feb. 25, Sensual Black Women and Live Readings
Feb. 26, Internet Marketing and Promotions, Meet the Leaders
Feb. 27, Lesbian Literature and Poetry Showcase
Feb. 28, Spoken Word Artist Contest
Mar. 1, My Book is Out Open Call
Mar. 2, Women of Christian Literature and Networks
Mar. 3, Community Leaders Showcase, Everyday Heroes
Mar. 4, Women of Non-fiction, Educational and Finance Books
Mar. 5, Book Club Showcase and Fiction Authors
Mar. 6, Women of Romance and Poetry
Mar. 7, Close of Book Fair, thanking all guest and co-hosts

Black Authors Network Radio Show
Meet us Every Night of the Event at: 9pm-10pm EST

Call-in number: (646)200-0402

Chat live with the guests in our chat room during the show. Registered BlogTalk Radio users are eligible to win FREE books! The chat rook will be open EVERY night of the event. Promote your book or business for free in the chat room.

Chat room:

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