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Give the Gift of Knowledge Spring 2009 Literary Tour

Give the Gift of Knowledge Spring 2009 Literary Tour

Main book tour site:
Ella Curry, Event Organizer:

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Authors on Tour:

Patricia A. Bridewell-Electronic Press-kit for the Virtual Book Tour
Book: Reflections of a Quiet Storm
Buy the Book:

Lynne Forde-Electronic Press-kit for the Virtual Book Tour
Book: Lies of Blue
Saffyre Entertainment Inc.
Website: or
Lies of Blue on Sale March 1, 2009

John R. Williams- The Author Electronic Press-kit for the Virtual Book Tour
Book: The Reunion
Buy the Book:

Michael Taylor Electronic Press-kit for the Virtual Book Tour
Book: A New Conversation with Men
Buy the Book:

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Raising Him Alone Community Project

Raising Him Alone Book - Things Black Women Can Do to Raise Boys to be Men
by David Miller and Matthew P. Stevens

Raising Him Alone is a proud provider of valuable resources that support single mothers raising boys. Please revisit our site soon as we will be offering some beneficial products for online purchase.

Raising Him Alone is more than just a book. It is a source of inspiration for the millions of single mothers who struggle daily with the challenges of raising healthy and productive boys to become responsible men.

The book is based on hundreds of interviews, focus groups and discussions with single mothers who are raising boys.

Additionally, many fathers were interviewed who desperately want to be in their sons lives, but are excluded from the process for a myriad of reasons.

Raising Him Alone (book) honors the struggles of single mothers raising boys through providing daily lessons that range from talking to boys about sex to assisting mothers with the process of dating.

Many of the statistics on Black men and boys are painful and are often daunting. For example, the most recent report on graduation rates among African American males published by the Schott Foundation indicates that in many US cities African American males are dropping out at rates that exceed 65%. The cities include but are not limited to Indianapolis, Detroit and Baltimore. With the lowest graduation rates in the nation among African American males, Indianapolis and Detroit’s graduation rates can only be viewed as a public health concern.

We rarely hear about the countless numbers of mothers who are successfully raising boys alone. The book underscores the need for mothers to be more willing than ever to sacrifice to support positive Black male development. This sacrifice includes developing a greater understanding of contemporary issues that effect Black males as well as getting mothers and fathers to be willing to reconcile old wounds.

The book serves as a voice of reason that tells us how important it is to rescue our boys from failing communities and failing schools.

Finally, we hope that Raising Him Alone (book) compels mothers to band together to address the challenges of being a single mother. After reading Raising Him Alone, please make sure you pass this book along to other mothers who can benefit from the lessons and the wisdom of others who have successfully navigated the world of being a single parent.

Visit the website to order books and for more information:

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Black Authors Culture Center-- Twitter with Ella--Black Pearls Mag

Community Workshops Open Now!

Please join us in learning how to write quality literature, how to improve our parenting skills, and how to market and promote our products correctly. Listed below are a few of the community workshops open to the public now. Read the details, explore the handouts and join in the conversation with the experts and other community readers.

Writer's Workshop by John D. Evans

Ministry of Motherhood Workshop by Cheryl Lacey Donovan
Workshop: Tap Into Your Source: Living Life Without Limitations

Marketing Workshop by William R. Patterson
Highly-Effective Strategies for Book Marketing

Book Marketing and Promotions by Ella Curry and Experts

Product Presentation Workshop by Debra Owsley owner of Simply Said
Workshop: Setting the Scene for Book Promotions
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2009 Literary Awards Show Introduction

Welcome to the Sankofa Literary Society’s 2009 Online Awards Show

Click the links to open BAN Radio. Listen to the full shows. Join us in paying tribute to our brightest stars and literary greats! Prepare to be entertained to the fullest!

Session One: Legends and Literary Leaders

Session Two: Community Leaders and Book Club Tribute

In the next 4 hours we hope to enrich and enhance your knowledge of African American literature, art and music. Join us as we showcase 50 of the brightest stars in our community. Through our love for reading, we want to encourage readers to meet new authors and poets tonight. The SLS will uphold literacy in every way possible and tonight is a example of our dedication to support our people.

The spirit of "Sankofa" teaches us that we must go back to our roots in order to move forward. That is, we should reach back and gather the best of what our past has to teach us, so that we can achieve our full potential as we move forward. Whatever we have lost, forgotten, forgone or been stripped of, can be reclaimed, revived, preserved and perpetuated. The Sankofa Literary Society uses examples from our colorful past as lessons to provide wisdom for a better future. We are true followers of the quote, “ You have to learn to follow, before you can learn to lead!”

2009 Online Awards Show- Session 1

Time: 6:00-6:30 Session 1, Introduction and Worship Ceremony

• EDC Creations Introduction and Advisory Board
• Cheryl Lacey Donovan-Prayer and Unity Message
• John D. Evans Legends Tribute to the Kings
• Program Directives and Award Categories/Nominees
• Announce all Presenters, Performers and Speaker

Celebrating Community
The SLS pays tribute to Social, and Civic Institutions, recognizing that African-American groups can raise awareness in the community, increase literacy as well as confront injustices and expand opportunities. The SLS believes in the potential and worth of every person, no matter what race they are or ethnic background. We strive to set a positive example for readers and authors around the world. Here you will find the emerging writer artist or musician, talented poet and established published author. We support reading and African American history 365 days a year!

Time: 6:30-7:40 Session 1, Entertainment, Speeches, Awards Presentation
• Mozell Fleming-Is Black History Important and Legends presenter
• Shelia Lipsey-The Dreamer and Legends presenter
• June Rochelle- Music, Good is Good
• Ella Curry-Legends Presentation
• Debra Owsley-Why Black History is Important to Me speech and Legends Presentation
• Caroline Brewer-Black History speech and Community Leader Presentation
• Dr. Niama Williams-Ju Ju poem and Legends presenter
• Sharen Rooks-Personal Profile and Community Leader Presentation
• Selena Winston- How the Obama's Changed a Nation and Legends Presentation
• John R. Williams- Beautiful Twins Speech and Shaper of Dreams Presentation
• Ella Curry, EDC Creations- Shaper of Dreams Presentation

Time: 7:40-7:55 Session 1 Meet the Presenters and Authors
Intermission: 10 minutes as Presenters join the chat room participants

Cheryl Donovan present the first Legends Awards to:

SORMAG-Shades of Romance Magazine
SORMAG – Shades Of Romance Magazine was started because of editor LaShaunda Hoffman’s love of AA romance novels and the lack of support for them. SORMAG was an extension of an online forum called Aspiring African-American Romance Writers she started on in 1999. In 2000 SORMAG became a bi-monthly online magazine. As the romance writers began to expand into the mainstream market the magazine evolved to feature not only romance but all literature. In 2005, SORMAG advanced to the blog concept which offers readers interactive freedom. The blog lead to SORMAG becoming a publishing industry legend! Website:

Mosaic Literary Magazine
Launched in 1998, Mosaic is a quarterly magazine exploring the literary landscapes of Black and Latino writers. Each issue contains a unique blend of essays, profiles, and reviews. Mosaic is published by the Literary Freedom Project, a 501(c)3 tax-exempt not-for-profit arts organization that supports the literary arts through education, creative thinking, and new media. Editor/Publisher Ron Kavanaugh.

John R. Williams, the author, presents the Shaper of Children's Dreams Award

Evelyn Coleman
Evelyn Coleman is the author of Shadows on Society Hill which was nominated for the EDGAR AWARD. She is also the author of Freedom Train, a Parents' Choice Recommended Title, set in Cabbagetown in Atlanta, this story is about the train that traveled to 322 cities in the US in 1947-49. Evelyn Coleman was the first African American to win the North Carolina Arts Council $5,000 fiction fellowship. Her young adult novel "Born in Sin" was selected as a Junior Literary Guild Selection in 2001 as well as the Young Hoosier Book Award. "The Riches of Osceola McCarty" was a recommended book in the February 1999 issue of Essence magazine as well as awarded as a Carter G. Woodson Honor Book in 1998. Evelyn Coleman is a treasure in the children's literature community who values a well-written story and her audience. [Source]Website:

Andrea Pinkney
Andrea Pinkney is one of the most influential people in the children’s publishing business. As Vice President, Executive Editor for Scholastic Trade, Andrea has acquired and edited many titles, including the upcoming Sassy series by New York Times bestseller Sharon Draper. Andrea acquired and edited many award-winning books, among them Toni Morrison’s Remember: The Journey to School Integration and A Wreath for Emmett Till. Andrea also published the teen book Serving from the Hip by World Class tennis pros Venus and Serena Williams.

In addition, Andrea will soon publish Crow Call, the first picture book by two-time Newbery medalist Lois Lowry and Beautiful Ballerina, a gift book featuring the principal dancers from Dance Theater of Harlem, to be published for Dance Theater of Harlem’s 40th anniversary. Andrea Pinkney was named one of the “25 Most Influential Black Women in Business” by The Network Journal, a publication for Black professionals. Andrea Pinkney is truly a legend in the children publishing business. [Source] To find out more about Andrea and her impressive career, visit this website:

Mozell Flemings--- Community Leader Award presented to Tia Ross founder of the Black Writers Reunion & Conference. The next Black Writers Reunion & Conference is scheduled to be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 18-19, 2009.

Shelia Lipsey--- Community Leader Award presented to TruVue Radio with Roland Hines. Tru Vue Radio is committed to upliftment and encouragement. TruVue Radio with Roland is the newest online radio network to discuss real relationships and topics that empower the community. Nothing is off topic! The show airs live every Thursday at 5:00PM PST. Website:

Caroline Brewer--- Literary Legend Award presented to Kwame Alexander is a poet, publisher, and an award-winning producer of literary programs, Dubbed a "phenom" in the poetry world by The Charleston (SC) City Paper, Alexander has written for television, the stage, and authored ten books including the best-selling Do The Write Thing: 7 Steps to Publishing Success, Dancing Naked on the Floor: poems and essays, Tough Love: The Life and Death of Tupac Shakur, and most recently a young adult title, Crush: Love Poems.

He speaks, and conducts writing/publishing workshops at schools and conferences throughout the country. Alexander resides in the Washington, DC area, where he produced the annual Capital BookFest presented by The Washington Post, and currently serves as the President of Book-in-a-Day, a literacy program that teaches and inspires youth in the writing and publishing process. The Kwame Alexander Papers, a collection of his writings, correspondence, and other professional and personal documents is held at the George Washington University Gelman Library. Website:

Dr. Niama Williams--- Community Leader Award presented to Sylvia Hubbard --AUTHOR, MOTHER, SPEAKER, JOURNALIST, CONSULTANT & MORE! Founder of Motown Writers Network & The African American Electronic Literary Network & Motown Romance Network, Editor of The Essence of Motown Literary Journal. Sylvia is the owner of HubBooks Literary Service and Co-Founder of Essence of Motown Writers Alliance Literary Conference. Moderator of Detroit Writers Galore & Lulu’s Romance Writers Board Member of National Association of Black Writers, Michigan Black Independent Publishers. Website:

Sharen Rooks--- Community Leader Award presented to Danielle Hobbs, Social Coordinator. Danielle Hobbs is a five foot nothing powerhouse from the small town of Piscataway, New Jersey. Her humanitarian efforts in the world of event planning are a force to be reckoned with. In a riveting response to the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe she personally facilitated the donating of $15,000 in cash and services to a handpicked family. It eclipsed the most productive charitable effort by any student organization at her college. Within the same year, she implemented a scholarship to honor the life of a former colleague and college friend, which continues at Raritan Valley Community College to this day.

As an aspiring author she founded her own publishing company with the intention of publishing not only her own future works, but also the works of other aspiring authors. Now, as the Social Coordinator for the BWRC it is a privilege and honor that the two worlds she loves the most, writing and event planning, have finally collided. [Source of Danielle's story]

Ella Curry presents the Literary Legends Awards to:

Gary Johnson founder of Black Men In
Black Men In is one of the hottest web sites on the Internet. BMIA is 100% black owned and features ordinary men and women, living extraordinary lives. BMIA believes in diverse views, opinions and posts content to reflect that. BMIA has visitors from over 92 countries from around the world. One of their goals is to be inclusive. Don't let the name of the site fool you. The BMIA goal is to unite and focus on issues that they believe are unique to black men and in many cases black people. Many of the things BMIA gets involved with are relevant to all people. The idea for Black Men in America was conceived by founder Gary Johnson on an airplane flight home to DC from Las Vegas, the day of the Million Man March in October 1995.

C&B Books Distribution
C&B Books Distribution was started in 1995 by Carol Rogers & Brenda Piper. The motivation behind their book business was the lack of affordable books written by African American authors. C&B decided to become an asset to our Youth and the community as a whole. C&B offers their books for less than the major distributors. The owners C&B knew this would provide their readers with a wide variety of reading materials.

C&B Books Distribution started out as an online bookstore. C&B Books Distribution mission was to sell books at a discount price to the African American community. Since then, their mission has broadened to include supporting, self-published authors. In addition to selling books, they are committed to helping authors' establish a relationship with the public. C&B Books Distribution's primary goal includes, organizing book signings, delivering press kits, promotional materials to bookstores, and agents. This dedication to community services makes them Legends in Our Literary Community. Website:

Debra Owsley presents the Literary Legends Awards to:

The Harlem Writers' Guild

The Harlem Writers Guild is a community of writers of African descent whose mission is to preserve the experience of black people in the written word. The Guild was founded as a writers workshop in the "Village" of Harlem in New York City in 1950. The founding members included: Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Rosa Guy, John Oliver Killens, Walter Christmas.

John Henrik Clarke was born January 1, 1915 in Union Springs, Alabama and died July 16, 1998 in New York City. His mother, Willie Ella Mays Clark, was a washerwoman who did laundry for $3 a week. His father was a sharecropper. As a youngster Clark caddied for Dwight Eisenhower and Omar Bradley "long before they became Generals or President," Clarke recalls in describing his upbringing in rural Alabama. The Harlem Writer's Guild is truly a legend as well as its founders.

Legendary Author Donna Hill

Donna Hill has more than fifty published titles to her credit, three of which were adapted for television. She has been featured in Essence, The Daily News, USA Today, Today’s Black Woman, and Black Enterprise magazine, among many others. She lives with her family in Brooklyn, New York, where she writes full-time. (2006).

She has appeared on numerous radio and television stations across the country and her work has appeared on several bestseller lists, including Essence, Emerge and The Dallas Morning News among others. Donna now has her own radio show which showcases other authors. Donna has received numerous awards for her body of work including The Career Achievement Award, the first recipient of The Trailblazer Award among others, as well as commendations for her community service.

Donna organizes author-centered events and workshops through her editorial and promotions company Donna Hill Promotions. She is also a writing instructor at The Frederick Douglass Creative Arts Center in New York. Donna's contributions to literature opened doors for other African America female writers.

Selena Winston---- Presenting the Shaper of Dream Awards to Children's Author Marilyn Nelson, author of Carver: A Life in Poems. I am also here to present the Shaper of Dream Awards to Children's Author Joyce Hansen author of The Gift Giver published in 1980.

John R. Williams---- Presenting the Shaper of Dream Awards to Children's Literature Legend, Virginia Hamilton the author of The People Could Fly and the legendary author and poet, Dr. Maya Angelou for her new book, Letter to My Daughter.

Ella Curry---- Presenting the Shaper of Dream Award to Motivational Author Stephanie L. Jones for her passionate and life changing book, The Enemy Between My Legs. I am also here today to present the Community Shaper of Dream Award to Judine Slaughter the founder of the United Black Writers Association. Website:

Black Author Network Sponsors Showcase
---Sistah's Ministry
---Renee Flagler
---EDC Creations
---Circle of Seven Productions (aka COS Productions

Meet the Authors and Speakers of the Program; giving out contact information

Closing of the First Session; Intermission for 10 minutes; Second Session Starts

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SLS 2009 Awards Show--Beautiful Twins, Music and Literature

Beautiful Twins
By John R Williams-THE Author

I sat still in my grandmama’s lap as we rocked in her leather rocking chair.
Grandfather made a commitment to get the guest room built fo’ wintertime hit. He said that everyone needed to hide from the world from time to time. I watched from afar as the orange sun beat against his brown back.

We rocked and rocked for what seemed like hours. I loved that chair and the way my grandmama’s perfume smelled when she hugged me. She always read books in her chair. She adored literature, almost as much as her cast iron skillet, which had been passed down from generation to generation.

I loved my time with her. We would sit there, me with a mouthful of tea cakes and her with some hot sweet tea. We listened to the radio and stared at it in awe like it was da TV box. Even as a child I loved those sounds and the words she read to me from her thick leather bound books.

She said that music and literature were like beautiful twins. One can’t exit without the other, it’s like they depend on each other. They were like beautiful twins. Each dependent on one another…aiding…assisting and lending each other a hand.

Kinda like my granddaddy depend on my grandmama. She keep him fed, kept the house in order, keep him smiling and take care of him if ever he got sick.

And he would do the same … He’d plow them fields for hours. Tilling that land for the next years crop. Sowing dem seeds. And no matter what he always picked her fresh flowers and danced with her when the day turned to night. They were like beautiful twins. Each dependent on one another…aiding…assisting and lending each other a hand.

I didn’t know much about writing back then but I could recognize a smile. I knew what that meant. My grandmama always smiled when she read.….Later I studied about the authors of those books and the musicians on them records. I was amazed at how she buried her nose in them books. I learned about what they had accomplished.

As far as the music goes….Say what you wanna say, even though I was a child I knew how to dance. I learned how to shake my tail feather at an early age. My granddaddy was the greatest fan of all-time….He would snap his big ol’ fingers, tilt his head and holla out….Sang that song Smokey!! Nobody does it like the Miracles!!! You tell em’ Stevie!!! All while my grandmamma was tryna read her books.. It was like I was watching two beautiful twins. Each dependent on one another…aiding…assisting and lending each other a hand.

And my grandmama hollared just the same…only not as loud…sometimes I think she did it to spite my granddaddy. She would declare…

Phllis Wheatley is amazing. Gwendolyn Brooks was really on to something…W.E.B was a genius, Maya Angelou is the greatest!

There I sat, listening to great music and hearing great literature. They were like beautiful twins. Each dependent on one another…aiding…assisting and lending each other a hand.

Even as a man I still remember.

Now I have my own chair, my own records and my own swagger…a vibe. A vibe that is all my own. Whenever I get in touch with my creative soul, I find them. Music and Literature they are like beautiful twins. Each dependent on one another…aiding…assisting and lending each other a hand.

John R Williams-THE Author
Cast your vote for John R. Williams as Author of the Year
http://aambcvoting. blogspot. com

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SLS 2009 Awards Show: The Road to Freedom

The Road To Freedom
by Lutishia Lovely

The road to freedom, to being truly alive
Well lets start with’s not the 10 or the 60 or the I-95
Its not a path or a freeway one can physically travel
That brings peace to the soul, and helps mysteries unravel

Before beginning, the first step is defining “free”
That answer may be different for you than it is for me
So just as a point of reference, for various meanings the word carries

I looked - in a book - called the dictionary

Inside was a plethora of delicious choices
As many blurbs to define the word as this station has voices
Enjoying personal rights or liberty,
(Translated: if u’se ain’t a slave, then u’se is free)

Exempt from external authority, independent, no restrictions
“I can do what the hell I want” is another way to put this description

Clear of obstacles, no judgment…choices
And for Lutishia’s translation, let’s see
Uh, how bout this, why don’t you do you,
…and then let me do me

I think that freedom is running naked, and not caring who sees it
Freedom is writing what I want and not caring who reads it
It’s in choosing to be kind, instead of having to be right
It’s being friends with the person that nobody else likes

And when you’re the one they’re hatin’
And I don’t mean to be crass
But freedom is the ability to say
Kiss my _______ !

Free is open, unimpeded, like flowing water without a dam
Freedom is simply the ability to be who I am
Even when I’m in a different geographical dimension
Even when we share a bunch of different opinions
Even when ones religion is different from the other, even when everybody is a different color
Even when we butt heads on a political situation,
or share a different view or our sexual orientation

Freedom is recognizing ones self outside time and space
Seeing all of us as coming from and going to same place
Freedom is listening to Spirit…so below as above
Freedom is knowing we’re all One, Freedom is love

The road to freedom, to being truly alive
Well lets end with’s not the 10 or the 60 or the I-95
It’s a journey where you discover you’re your own best friend…
Because the road to true freedom, is a journey within.

Copyright 2009 All rights reserved.

A Preacher's Passion--Available Now!
Visit for details...

"When 'I can't' becomes 'I can'...miracles happen."

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SLS 2009 Awards Show: The Dreamer

The Dreamer by Shelia E. Lipsey

In the words of President Obama, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.”

And so I dare to dream. I dare to dream of change. I am the dreamer, the author, the writer, the speaker, the path setter, the road less traveled, and the called according to His purpose. I am special, unique, divinely created to be Shelia.
No one can write like me. No one can speak like me. No one can do those things God has called me to do. There is no one else like me. I am a dreamer who dares to believe in my talents, my gifts, my hopes, my aspirations and that I can have the desires of my heart.
The word, Dreamer is defined as a person who dreams. A person who lives in a world of fantasy; one who is impractical and unrealistic. A person whose ideas or projects are considered audacious or highly speculative; visionary.

That defines me exactly. It denotes who I am. I AM that audacious, impractical, highly speculative and unrealistic visionary. I am that person who dares to dream, who dares to have visions of greatness. I am that person who looks beyond the situations and circumstances that life offers me and reaches for more. I am that dreamer.

My words are more than words that burst forth from an overflowing spirit of greatness given me by my Father who art in Heaven. The words that escape from my belly, that are birthed in my spirit, that saturate my mind, my thought processes and travels down my arms into my pointed scrawny fingers, yield captivating power from pen to paper. I am that dreamer that through the blood, sweat and tears of my ancestors. Through the blood, sweat and tears of my parents, my sisters, and my relatives fought for my right to be treated equally. I don’t have to look back to the great mercenaries like Harriet, Rosa, Martin, Malcolm or Medgar. I only need look within my household.

I only need look at the struggles of a mother who worked long hours as a maid on bended knees scrubbing floors. I only need look at my father who lost both legs fighting a war that when it was over, he still was treated as less than the hero he was. I only need look at my sisters who marched along Martin in Memphis, next to sanitation workers who screamed I Am A Man. I come from the belly of struggles. I come from the belly of dreamers who dared to believe. I come from the bellies of faith that dared to trust in God my Father. I belong to God who chose to adopt me into His eternal kingdom. I come from the lineage of David, the man after God’s own heart. I come from the pits of cruelty, stares and glares that make me strong and keep my head raised high. I am a dreamer.

You ask me why I am a dreamer? You ask me why I tell my sons and grandsons and you and every one whose path crosses mine to live your dreams now! If we don’t dare to live what God has purposed in our hearts to live, to do, to seek, to pursue then why are we here? This world is predicated, made up of, rooted, and grounded on dreams dreamed by a dreamer and brought from dreamality to reality.

What if Malcolm had not been a dreamer? And supposed Martin had not been a dreamer? Then there’s Harriet who dared to dream about freedom. There’s Rosa who dared dream about a place to rest among those whose skin color lacked pigmentation and therefore considered themselves higher and mightier. What if? What if President Obama had not dared to be a dreamer? Then what? I am a dreamer! I write. I will succeed. I will thrive. I refuse to merely survive. And so I write. And so I speak. And so I strive. And so I move forward to that which I have embedded in my spirit, my soul, my flesh, my thoughts.

I am a New York Times Bestselling Author. I am the owner of one of the world’s largest nonprofit organization that teaches people to go after, run down, and chase after their heart’s desires and their dreams. I am a most sought after speaker. I am beautiful despite the limps and the frailties that polio has ravaged on my body. I am lovely despite the hardships of life that try to keep me down. I am mighty despite that ole sly devil trying to trick and trap me. The fruit of my womb is blessed because I am the child of the most high King. My words, given to me by a God who loves himself some Shelia changes lives and prick hearts, causing people to look at themselves and see what they are really made of.

I dare to believe the words of God that say if I fully obey His commandments that I will be above and not beneath. I will be the head and not the tail. I will be blessed going in and going out. The fruit of my womb will be blessed. I am a dreamer who dares to believe that the race is not given to the swift but to him that endures to the end. I am the dreamer that writes perfect stories about imperfect people who overcome tremendous odds because they dare to believe.

My vision will happen at the appointed time. It hurries toward its goal. It won't be a lie. If it's delayed, I will wait for it. It will certainly happen. It won't be late. Yes, I am a dreamer. My vision will burst forth. It will not be kept back, it shall appear. Are you a dreamer?

Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

Shelia E. LipseyNovelist/Speaker/Copyeditor/Literary Entrepreneur

Founder & Executive Director of nonprofit Living Your Dreams Now Foundation and first Annual Living Your Dreams Literary Arts Seminar (; founder of The Word According to Shelia Newsletter; -

Novel: My Son's Wife
At bookstores, & Black
Other Books Sinsatiable & Into Each Life
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SLS 2009 Awards Show: Quiet Strength

Quiet Strength

by John D. Evans

I got out of the bed mourning
The news I heard was dim
I almost started crying
But I just held it in

I made my way to the shower
Listened to the news replay
Ever watchful of the hour
I prepared for the day
January 31, 2006

One more time in my ear
I could no longer do it
It became so clear
I could see it

The miles she must have walked
The tears started streaming
The many lessons taught
By Coretta Scott King

A child during the Depression
Cast to the side by society
A soloist and musician
Blessed multiplicity

A student of music and education
Prejudice showed an ugly face
She became determination
And marched with grace

To the one-room Crossroads School
Coretta would walk the miles
A love for learning was true
I can see Lincoln High

An incubator of love and hope
Allowed Coretta to shine
A trumpet and a piano
To her was sublime

A muse of music was evident from the start
A music and education major at Antioch
The second time the college had a Scott
Graduated and found a way blocked

A soloist, she stood before crowds elegantly
A teacher with a voice graced the stand
At Second Baptist Church, she’d sing
A soldier molded by a mighty hand

A voice so gentle and sweet, I hear it ring
Scholarship did not cover everything
At the New England Conservatory
Where she met the Rev. Dr. King

A fight for civil rights was not new
Alabama was home to destiny
The impossible became true
I can hear walking feet

A wife in ’53 and mother in ‘55
The Kings lived in danger
The fight was alive
So was anger

A bombed blasted the home
Thank God they were safe
Muses are never alone
Only saved by grace

A partner she was in her pride
A love for her family strong
Her poetry couldn’t hide
She carried each song

A boycott against the status quo
Changed the course of time
Paved a way for her to go
High, she would climb

A partner at her husband’s side
They traveled to dark places
Passion, she couldn’t hide
Loving all human races

With a humble spirit, spoke
Standing tall with pride
A solider for civil folk
Many nights, cried

Her husband was taken away in ‘68
Her heart pierced by the sting
The march couldn’t wait
Led by Coretta King

Fifty thousand people through Tennessee
Marched until they opened the door
Justice for all shall someday be
And hope for people, poor

An international advocate for peace
On the global stage, she preached
Go ahead and receive increase
Coretta King we did meet

Copyright © 2006 by John D. Evans
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SLS 2009 Online Awards Show: Farewell Poem

by poet Mozell Flemings

You know…….I’ve never heard an angel sing. Yet I believe they do’
And I imagine that when they sing they sound….. a lot like you.

A soft….. precious sound of joy, to awaken, and please the soul.

A soothing, gentle, and comforting tone. To ward away the cold.

A pleasure just to hear you utter…. any little thing, your voice distinct from all the others…..I hear an angel sing.

The other thing that makes it tight, my high opinion of …..Your ebony hues as rich and smooth and sweet as morning dew.

The shimmy-shiver that your footsteps deliver…… must come from royal decent. I don’t know if I’m correct but…….. Are you heaven sent?

Always a treat to see your ebony beauty, the packaging complete. In the original form that you were born from your head………right down to you feet.

Please don’t discard or take for granite what I say to you. Though I am just an observant traveler…..merely passing through.

Take these words before your eyes and never you despair. As for me compliments come free……Because…. there’s merit there.

Farewell our Nubian Sister farewell.


Copyright 2009 Mozell Flemings

SLS Awards Show: Never Another Dream Deferred

by Lynne Forde

Never another dream deferred
When left unsure or as they say “scurred”
Because the trail was blazed by many afore
So we should be free, so that we could soar
From following the drinking gourd

To Selma and walking long long hours
To claiming victory is ours
If Frederick Thurgood and Martin stood
For all the things we’ve done as good
If Crispus Attucks laid his life
Then I too can endure great strife

To lead where others only follow
Not certain if I will see tomorrow
But if I don’t succeed it’s hollow
Sojourner and Lincoln please let me borrow

One ounce of your commitment pride
For Malcom I won’t be denied, this
Revolution…..Televised yet still
NY Post we’re not surprised
That prophecy Barack fulfilled
Knowing at any time he could be killed

But never would he be deterred
My people never another dream deferred!

Copyright 2009 Lynne Forde

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SLS Awards Show Poetry: JuJu by Dr. Ni

by Dr. Niama Williams

An enslaved African shaman speaks:

dust across mississippi corn fields
heat arching across our brows
mosquitoes big as dog-size
as loud
as the hunger dancing before our faces
fury in our bellies
an’ we got to work in midst of all this
under overseer whip and growl.
enough to make you see injun red
lace across missus’ throat

we got one we call missus
named her so myself
we hope her blood stain sheets
of overseer grandson grandson
we want that boy to love her so bad
he lose his mind and marry her
risk his entire fortune
outcast his own family

we a careful, patient people
learned, wise folk
we know how to plan a vengeance.

we an honorable people
we haven’t forgotten how we enslaved nations
sowed discontent
fell victim ourselves.
alone here,
stripped of jujus and fetishes,
leakage of our magic leading to outlaw,
we fell back on common knowledge
forged bonds with generational enemies
when faced with a cruelty we never foresaw.

we know the only cure is love.
so we sow it
make him want the forbidden.
she will explain to herself her passion
always feel a sense of loss about it.

i will not tell you more
loose lips cost us our jujus and fetishes
the rape and ruin of our drums.

we feed her the truth in bits and pieces
slow and unsteady
we don’t want her stomach to turn at the sight of him
we want our juju to work.

for at the dawn of the next millennium
we want her to choose him willingly
to side with her offspring
to not look back
but with a calculated nod of the head
touch of the tip of the finger
seal his fate permanently to her own
ensure what we now insist on having:
this, never again.

Copyright 2008 Dr. Niama Williams

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2009 SLS Online Award Show Outline, Session 2

2009 Sankofa Literary Society Online Awards Show- Session 2

Click here to listen to the entire program:

Time: 8:00-8:30 Session 2 Introduction and Worship Ceremony
The Sankofa Literary Society and EDC Creations provides authors, artists, reviewers, journalist and book clubs, a innovative way to promote their product to today’s waiting consumers, with a special focus on the African American literary community.

The Black Authors Network Radio Show is a forum for booklovers from all over the world to engage with one another and to find information on topics that interest them such as becoming a new author, how to self-publish a book, or how to promote a newly launched ebook.

We're hopeful that people from all perspectives will realize the great insights that the Sankofa Literary community can have, and will turn to us for motivating dialogues about great books and to share your experiences in the world of publishing or small business. Sit back and relax as we bring you’re the most stimulating entertainment and empowerment on the planet.

Show Details
• Prayer and Black History Presentation
Min. Celeste Kelly-Narrative Exposition Community Prayer
Ella Curry— Why Black History is Important to the SLS
Lord Williams- Tribute to WEB DuBois Soul of Black Folks
Lutishia Lovely-Why Black History is Important
Lutishia Lovely-Road to Freedom
Lynne Forde-Never Another Dream Deferred
• Tribute to EDC Creations Executive Advisory Board

Time: 8:30-9:00 Session 2, Entertainment and Speeches
Ashanti White-Intimacy Poetry Presentation
Mozell Flemings-Calling All Hearts and Farewell
Dr. Niama Williams-Bessie You Just Need Some Lovin’
Queen Unique-Black History Poetry Presentation
Music by June Rochelle- A Better Place
Comedy by Rod Allison-Amazing Grace
John R. Williams-Speech on Music and Literature
EDC Literary Hallmarks Awards

Time: 9:00-9:30 Session 2, SLS Awards Presentation
• BAN Members of the Year
• Book Club and Reviewers Tribute
• Business Leader Tribute
• Book Spotlight and Sponsor Showcase
• Literary Service Provider Awards

Music by June Rochelle- God is Good (Buy it Here)
• Male Author of the Year Award
• Female Author of the Year Award
• Poet of the Year Award
• Website of the Year Award
• Blogger of the Year Award
• Social Network of the Year Award
• Bookclubs of the Year Awards

Time: 9:30-10:30 Session 2, Author Interviews and Book Spotlight
• Niama Williams
• Rekaya Gipson
• Laura Major
• Heather Buchanan-Gueringer
• Joan Goiser

Closing and Thank You to BAN Supporters

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Awards Show Opening Prayer and Message

Minister Celeste Kelley's Message for the People
at the 2009 SLS Online Award Show

Hebrews 12:1-3 of The Message Translation says:
1 -3 Do you see what this means — all these pioneers who blazed the way, all these veterans cheering us on? It means we'd better get on with it. Strip down, start running — and never quit! No extra spiritual fat, no parasitic sins. Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we're in. Study how he did it. Because he never lost sight of where he was headed — that exhilarating finish in and with God — he could put up with anything along the way: Cross, shame, whatever. And now he's there, in the place of honor, right alongside God. When you find yourselves flagging in your faith, go over that story again, item by item, that long litany of hostility he plowed through. That will shoot adrenaline into your souls!

Any successful endeavor requires a vision. The word “vision” literally means the ability to see things that are visible, but it also means the ability to see other things – an unusual competence in discernment or perception; intelligent foresight.

Without the ability to visualize worthy goals and how these can be realized, very little of importance is achieved. When we are in the Lord’s will on Destiny’s Road, we desperately need an elevated vision of what it is all about. On Destiny’s Road, we are aware of our visions, dreams and promises, however, Destiny’s Road is filled with much adventure that can become discouraging.

No vision, dream or promise has ever been achieved except by one who dares to put their faith to work. Perhaps, we are hindered by our past experiences, or perhaps we have been fed a steady diet of defeatism. Your vision needs boldness based on faith in God. Your vision needs persistence, not losing heart and faith, for we shall reap in due season, always abounding knowing that our labor is not in vain.

Destiny’s Road can be encumbered with decisions in direction, because the Lord does give us a free will in how we handle what He bestows upon our lives. He blesses us to birth visions, dreams and promises.

Constant prayer is the key to staying connected with the Lord in order to hear His voice of direction. Constant prayer is the key to staying grounded in faith that the Lord will supply all your need as you travel on Destiny's Road. Constant prayer is the key to staying encouraged when you encounter potholes called people and roadblocks called rivalry as you continue on to destiny. When you believe and reach out for a miracle through the prayer of faith, you make a demand upon the Lord's ability and draw from His great storehouse of blessing.

Your relationship with God is as good as your communication with Him. Prayer encompasses crying out for help, fellowship and spiritual nourishment! It is born out of a need and assurance that God is there to meet that need and answer your prayer! Prayer is a privilege and powerful work that can be rightly done only by the Christian.

Through prayer, you can move mountains, because you have the ear of God Himself. You have victory in Jesus. Prayer is the greatest weapon in this world and you must not forget it. You must use it, and become familiar with prayer because it makes a difference in this world and in your hearts. Prayer changes things! Many situations have been altered, lives changed and priorities rearranged by spending time in prayer. Why is this? God answers prayer! God performs miracles! He is real, and communion with Him is a glorious reality! God does answer prayer.

Now, with that said, let us pray:
Lord, give me understanding of what Your will is for my life. As I begin the journey through this reading, allow Your Spirit to lead and guide me into the wisdom, knowledge and understanding You possess for me as I travel on this road to the destiny You have so designed. In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen.

And the Sisters said, "Amen!"

Saved by grace
In the beauty of holiness
Seeking to serve and encourage all women
Taking back what the devil has attempted to steal from us
Anointed by the power of God presenting our bodies
Holy and acceptable unto God which is our reasonable

Uniting teenage girls and women to impact their world is the heart beat of The SISTAHS Ministry through partnering together in ministries of evangelism and compassion, to train, empower, support and encourage.

The SISTAHS Ministry gives leadership to authors, poets, women with business and other ministries. Through a shared vision and the empowering of the Holy Spirit, The SISTAHS Ministry works within the principles of the Bible to obey the great commandment and the great commission, carrying out Christ’s redeeming work of love, mercy, and justice in the world.

Awards Show: Poetry Presentations: Dr. Niama Williams and Mozell Fleming

Is Black History Important?
My name is Mozell Fleming, I am honored to have the opportunity to be here to present this precious award as a reminder. That Our history only lives when we remember. Black history or African-American Heritage…the name does not matter. Its all about us. All about the struggles and the trials, The lives and the deaths of my people. That’s why its important that we are vigilant and continue to keep our history alive. There are many who would have us to forget…our youth who still don’t really understand…Why.

Why we are able to participate in an event like this one free on persecution. Why we are able to enter a business through the front door. Why we are able to openly read. It matters.

Don’t forget…who we are.
Don’t forget…who they were.
Don’t forget…your responsibility to those who come behind you.
Don’t forget…WHY YOU ARE FREE.
Is Black History Important?

Copyright 2009 Mozell Fleming

by Dr. Niama Williams
**based on a character from Richard Wright's Native Son

bessie, you just need some luvin
your pain, your sufferin, your inability to speak
the liquor bottle you used to bring on the stupor of sleep
that liquor bottle shut off every opportunity you had for speech.

and bessie; oh bessie,
what you would have done had someone removed it
said simply: "Talk Sista; we listenin."
we didn't listen, bessie;
we ran you to that native son
who only knew how to share your bottle.
we killed you, bessie,
strangled your words
bade you keep them in your mouth
saturating your spirit.
we turned you into a victim, bessie,
cause we didn't let you breathe
didn't let you talk about the white folks killin your soul.

it wasn't so much that they worked you, bessie;
it was that they worked you like a dog.
we looked at your cracked hands
thick, rough fingernails
housemaid's knee
we saw, bessie, after the fact
that it was because they worked you like an animal
with no knowledge of your name
of who was beloved to you
and finally, bessie,
it was that they replaced you once you were dead
and called her by the very, same, name.

you scrubbed their floors immaculate
you washed their innumerable dishes
you changed and nursed their sons
chastened their daughters
washed the mrs' back while she was in the bath
then agreed to half a day off on Sunday.

you did not need more, perhaps
you had no life--
the native son you loved because he brought you drink
he didn't see you, bessie;
didn't see who you were
or saw too well.
yes, saw too well and couldn't bear the reflection
his own inability to alter your situation
he couldn't see,
or couldn't bear to see,
so he could kill with impunity.
you were the second, unimportant, murder.

the critics said you were not drawn well, bessie,
that the great black male writer spent no time on you
but you were always a woman of few words, bessie,
a woman who'd never been asked to speak of herself
so what could you have told him?
mutes have to communicate by sign and memory.

so history may look over you, bessie
may relegate you to secondary status
but those few lines he used to draw you, bessie,
your presence on that cold slab in that disinterested courtroom
them finding you, bessie, cast aside--
fighting to live in the snow--
nothing will kill those few lines that are you, bessie;
next time we'll look for your voice in the bars and pool halls
we'll beg you to speak before the liquor bottle shuts you off and shuts you down
we'll reach in and pull out those words stopping your throat and bending your back

cause if we don't, bessie,
if we don't we'll be next on that cold slab
they'll be pulling the sheet away from our bashed-in heads
he'll be on trial not for killing us, but one of them
and we will be the silent, strangulated, unimportant second murdered
displayed, once again, for show.

Copyright 2008 Dr. Niama Williams

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Awards Show: Comedy and Music Presentations

Musical Presentation by June Rochelle
Buy the music from the awards show here.

June Rochelle kicked off 2008 in a big way by releasing her new CD "Play This" and gaining the attention of President elect Barack Obama's Campaign for Change, where she was the headliner for one of their events in the state of Indiana, that went from red to blue. Hollywood star Sanaa Lathan used her star power to plug the event in Indianapolis and the rest is of course history.

June has graced the stage with the legendary Diana Ross and Celine Dion at Indiana's Verizon Center and opened for Yolanda Adams in Huntsville, AL; debuted on Billboard Charts at 37, (currently charting at #21 in Europe) featured in the Hollywood Insider of the Los Angeles Times, in Ebony Magazine (sharing the page with Tyler Perry's Madea and Oprah) in the Sounding Off section, on MTV online, in Jet Magazine, in Blues and Soul Magazine (in that same issue is Ciara, Macy Gray, Neo Justine Timberlake, etc), in the Historic Indianapolis Recorder, in BRE Magazine (sharing the page with Forest Whitaker and Tyler Perry) and featured as CD pick of the week on Access Hollywood. As an actress she had a leading role as Anna Gordy Gaye, the wife of the legendary singer Marvin Gaye, in the national hit stage play "The Life Story of Marvin Gaye" where she received rave reviews. Her music is in high demand in the UK and the US. She has won the coveted En Sound Entertainment Best Female Vocalist of the Year award.

June states, "It is amazing to see what God had planned for me and even more amazing that I am living my dreams to make the world a better place."

There is so much more on the horizon for June Rochelle including her interest in pursuing a major motion picture role, but one thing is for sure she is making this world "A Better Place" the title of her new single. All are available at and at "I believe the songs on my new CD will encourage people to know that nothing is impossible if you just believe. “Play This" is an endeavor to make the world better thru music from June Rochelle.

CD Baby:

Reverend Celeste Kelley-Narrative and Prayer, Second Session
Reverend Celeste Kelley was born and reared in Hamtramck, Michigan, and has one son, LaMont, who is the joy of her life. She received her in Paralegal Studies from Macomb Community College in 2002 and her Bible Degree in May, 2008 from Birmingham Bible Institute. The Lord first anointed Reverend Celeste musically, at age 3, and she obtained her foundations at The Historic Little Rock Baptist Church (Dr. Jim Holley, Pastor). Reverend Celeste has served as the Minister of Music for Christian Tabernacle Church (Dr. James L. Morman, Pastor) and Second Corinthian Baptist Church (Rev. Henry H. Hall, Jr., Pastor). After years of serving musically, the Lord anointed her for a higher calling where she was licensed and ordained to preach the gospel by Dr. James L. Morman.

She currently serves as Church Musician, Team Leader at the Williams Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, and from 2007-2009 served as Special Assistant to Rev. James C. Jones, Pastor. She also currently assists Pastor Martina Wade and God's House of Deliverance Church.

She has been featured on Spotlight radio and television interviews on "Super Star Friday" with Sean Hardin and Antone "Choir Boy" Bell, Detroit Riot Radio with Areina Walker, Shekinah Women of Beauty with Dr. Marilyn Todman, "Deliverance in God" with Prophetess Martina Wade, Always In His Presence with Pastor Ovella Davis, Intimate Conversations with Ella Curry of EDC Creations, guest of the Black Authors Network and has made many stops of Guest Appearances as she travels on Destiny's Road. She is currently hosting the Write The Vision - Victorious Visionaries Radio Show on 88.1 FM - WHPR (Detroit, Highland Park and Hamtramck, MI) where she can be heard on Mondays at 5:30 PM. She has appeared on Dr. Stacia Pierce's 2008 International Women's Success Conference Dream Panel as a noted radio personality and radio show host. She is listed on ( and in Cambridge Who’s Who among Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs.

Minister Celeste Kelley

The S.I.S.T.A.H.S Ministry International gives leadership to at-risk teens, teen mothers, victims of domestic violence, authors, poets, women with business and other ministries. Through a shared vision and the empowering of the Holy Spirit, The SISTAHS Ministry works within the principles of the Bible to obey the great commandment and the great commission, carrying out Christ’s redeeming work of love, mercy, and justice in the world.

The SISTAHS Ministry

Sistah Ministry Radio

Sistah Ministry Social Network

PraizPR Marketing & Ministry Consulting
P.O. Box 401121
Redford, MI 48240

Comedian Rod Allison (aka Rod of God Comedy), Amazing Grace Skit
Watch the videos of Amazing Grace from Awards Show Second Session here.

Whether he's performing hilarious stand-up comedy, playing the trumpet or giving motivational speeches to national and international audiences, Comedian Rod Allison (aka Rod of God Comedy) is truly committed to presenting positive entertainment.

His career has been highlighted by performances ranging from large national stages to smaller, more intimate venues including:

- Performances with Legendary Recording Artists
such as: Kirk Franklin; CeCe Winans; Byron Cage; Kelly Price; Vickie Winans; Karen Clark
Sheard; Kim Burrell; Richard Smallwood & Vision; J Moss; Tramaine Hawkins; The Mighty
Clouds of Joy; Jeff Majors; Shirley Murdock; etc.

The many faces of this phenomenal entertainer include that of a gifted trumpeteer and singer. Rod was a featured trumpet soloist for the highly acclaimed NCCU Jazz Band which performed with the Count Basie Orchestra, Brandford Marsalis and other notable musicians. Further, he is a powerful motivational speaker and emcee with a unique ability to captivate his audience.

Rod is often called the "Attorney by Day and Comedian by Night Entertainer" because... believe it or not, this entertainer is also a lawyer! When he's not performing, Rod can be found providing legal services at his private law practice in North Carolina. Rod inspires audiences, young and old, to not only dream big... but to then go and grab their dreams! Simply put, Rod is living proof that there is still a place for Good Clean Comedy!

Rod of God Comedy a.k.a. Comedian: Rod Allison

Award Show Awards and Speeches, Session 2

The Winners are.....

The Second Session of the 2009 Online Literary Awards Show(con't)

Listen to the entire program by clicking play below:

Dr. Niama Williams----- Presenting the Black Authors Network Members of the Year Award to authors Laura Major author of Mismatched, Cheryl Lacey Donovan author of The Ministry of Motherhood, and Minister Celeste Kelley for her Sista Girl Series.

Niama Williams:
Cheryl Donovan:
Min. Celeste Kelley:
Laura Major:
Sable Lit Reviews:

Lutishia Lovely----- Female Business Owner of the Year Award goes to Debra Owsley of Simply Said Reading Accessories. Simply Said Reading Accessories creates custom crafted Gift-marks, Book Thongs, Book Plates, and Sassy Note Cards, for Authors, Book Stores, and Book Lovers. Debra is an avid reader and a stanch literacy supporter! She works tirelessly to bring readers the best in African American literature. She is dedicated to providing authors tools to increasing their book sales. Debra Owsley's aim is to keep the authors in the minds of their readers long after their fans has finished the books.

Lutishia Lovely:
Simply Said Reading Accessories:

Rod Allison----- Male Business Owner of the Year Award goes to William R. Patterson. William R. Patterson is an internationally recognized business and wealth coach who has written over 250 articles and has been a featured guest on over 400 television and radio programs. He is a business and financial expert for CBS and XM Satellite Radio. He delivers solutions to thousands worldwide — from individual investors and small business owners to corporate boards and CEOs. William’s ethical guidebook to wealth, power, and success, The Baron Son, has been translated around the world and featured in the Forbes Book Club and Black Enterprise magazine. William is the co-author of The Baron Son.

William runs over 30 websites and has created more than 150 products. He is winner of over ten Web awards for excellence including Best Author, Best Speaker, Best Business Advice Site and Best Wealth-Building Site.

Rod of God Comedy a.k.a. Comedian: Rod Allison
William R. Patterson:

John R. Williams---- Literary Service Providers of the Year
--Black Christian News
--N. Kali Mincy and Coach for Writers
--Sister Confessions Radio Show with Tifany Jones
--Ghost Writer Extraordinaire Video Producers

Debra Owsley---- Bloggers of the Year
--Melanie Calhoun founder of the Savvy Sista
--The Brown Bookshelf a blog dedicated to showcasing children literature authors
--The EDC Creations' Literary Divas
--Sisters In Crime: World-Wide Organization for Women Writing Mysteries
--Mimi Pearson founder First Wild Card Book Tours

Ella Curry----Social Networks of the Year
--I See Color is a Ning based network of Baisden’s listeners
--HBCU Connect

Website of the Year Award
--A New Conversation with Men with Michael Taylor

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A Preacher's Passion by Lutishia Lovely

A Preacher's Passion by Lutishia Lovely

Passion Perkins is hot to trot. After being celibate for five long years, she’s ready, willing, and able to end her drought. But she’s also determined to hold out for Mr. Right...a man her friends say doesn’t exist—until Lavon Chapman walks into her life: a powerful man who has come to the community to film an inspirational DVD about Passion’s minister, Reverend Stanley Lee, and his fiery wife, Carla Lee. But Lavon is only in town for eight weeks...

Passion is now on a mission to make Lavon her husband and to end her celibacy...and not necessarily in that order. But she’s not the only one. It seems Reverend Lee, though a master in the pulpit is a dud between the sheets, so Carla Lee has Lavon in her sights—and is determined to end up on top. Before long, other members of the church community are entangled in scandals of their own, and while some are getting busy in service to the Lord, others are just simply getting busy...

Win a Copy of A Preacher's Passion

Read the first chapter of A Preacher's Passion and leave a comment below about the book. The first person to post their opinion, of the first pages of the book, will win a copy of the book. Please leave your email address with all posts.

Read the First Chapter of A Preacher's Passion, by clicking here to enter Lutishia's site. You are sure to be pleased!

Lutishia Lovely will be featured on the Black Authors Network Radio Show on Friday, February 20, 2009 at 8-10pm EST. Join us to chat with Lutishia and 4 other authors about Grown Folk Literature!

Here's what people are saying about A Preacher's Passion:

"The scintillating brew of sex, faith and sharp humor will have Lovely's fans breathless for more."
--Publisher's Weekly

"4 1/2 stars...fantastic!"
--Romantic Times Book Review

"Lutishia Lovely has done it again...a must read."
--Jackie for (Top Shelf, 5 out of 5 stars)

"Lutishia Lovely brought Passion to church and set it on fire!!!"
--Pat G'Orge-Walker, Essence Bestselling Author

"Filled with drama, consequences, double-standards and plenty of life lessons to go around."
--Naleighna Kai, author of Every Woman Needs A Wife

"An excellent read..."
--Readers With Attitude Book Club

Win a copy of A Preacher's Passion by reading the first chapter and leaving a comment below. The first person to post a comment about the first chapter, with their email address, will win a copy of the book. Thank you!

CALLING ALL HEARTS by Mozell Flemings


Our eyes wide open our mouths sealed tight…
except to down eachother and we know that blank aint right!
We delegate our power by casting a vote… then we climb beneath the covers
Oppressions knives at our throats.

We cry on deaf shoulders, we threaten and we plead.
While respecting the vaulted precepts of American Society.
When will we listen? When will we learn?

The sins of racism formed on the pyre of inequality…
On the cross of democracy

Have not yet been burned.
While the mind set of authority still look down on our kin,
If you don’t have the currency…
Good luck brother you can’t win.
Represented by the Public…Schooled and sworn to uphold

The Morality of a society built upon Fort Knox Gold.
The morals and morality in this land of constant flux…
Les you talking about us Black folks attitudes haven’t change very much towards us.

Where were you yesterday? Where were you a week ago?
You were seen in the area just a little while ago.

Yea they said that he had dred locs and he had his pants slung low..
Just round up the usual suspects into the petty wagon you Negros!

Calling all hearts guess you already knew
If you fit the profile they’ll crack your head too.
See they already told us so you may as well confess!
There aint no such thing as a virtuitous black man…
Hell no! You get no respect.

Of course we have our issues locking ranks can not conceal
All cultures have deviant behavior…
No race is without its ills.
Yet can somebody please please tell me why the prisons are filled …
With Dark complected people.

Wet dreams realized, is fate sealed?
Hey man that’s my brother ah man not my Moms..
Ten or fifteen years later Lawyers dropping DNA bombs!

Here’s a million for your trouble now gone you better get lost..
Shut your mouth and stop complaining…
Tax payer money paid the cost.

Yes their guns are always blazing hired goons to keep you down .
When they don’t use hollow point bullets…
Emotional time bombs easier found.

Demoralization by racial profiling and you thought that they were through?
Because we elected a Black President…
What you think that’s going to do?

Better get ready,
better be vocal, bigotry soldiers on the rise
Some wear blue and some wear hoods with nothing showing but their eyes.

With little to stop it prisons for profit…
No it will not go away
Poison swords jugging constantly swinging.
Towards each other

Calling all hearts do you fit the profile
Like that car that you driving…
Black on black crimes
Still in style.

Yea he probably did it… who cares… they make mistakes
Parentless children dysfunctional households
Future prosperity slips away.

Sure they were all found not guilty; they claim the ends justify the means.
Keep them in the proper prospective… Trample down their fragile dream!

There are so many of my people life incarcerated within
County Jails, Institutions and the Federal Pen.
Public Saftey is the mantra and they all crying for raise.

While taking cheap shots at my people putting our youth in early graves.
Characters long been lacking on both sides of the line.
But who is stacking mega dollars and we know who’s doing time.

Calling all hearts its time for more of us to care…
before your daughter or your son or your mother wind’s up caught up in there.

They got my Issac in Orlando, They shot my home boy out in Queens.
Rodney King took them for millions… but they still killed hommie in New Orleans.

They jammed Shalita in Atlanta… The Brunswick Six they did their time, only to find out many years later that the boys had done no crime.
Oscar…. Shot down out in Oakland, Justified… the party line.

Slammed poor Paul up in Milwaukee and he did not get a dime.

Weddings days have been disrupted…
Philly still give good beat down.
TV cameras always rolling white Officers kick them on the ground!

They tried the boys up in Chicago
Colby skated in Colorado
Protect and serve with racist bravado
Every time you look around.

They got old. Johnie down in Vegas
Cracked old Moon up in VA.
Probable cause, yea they just played us to make the inquiry go away.

Mothers crying in Kentucky,
West Virginia torture scenes
Yet they tell us racism is fading… these incidents are just extreme.

To many fathers lost in the struggle
From Omaha to Abilene no matter where you go in America
The scars of racism can be seen.

These are crimes that are being committed does it really matter by who?
Wrong place, mistaken identity…Who pays the consequences
Me and you.

From Florida to California
And all points in between
I just mentioned a few of the casualties
we all know of horrible things

Solemn mothers, grieving fathers pain and misery lives with them..
Try to count racism’s victims… While side blue marks another win.

Maybe one day we’ll all get closure…
Someone has to pay the cost
If not society… just blame a brother
We got another nig..ra boss.

They say society is made better… the sad part is some of us agree,
Another brother catching cases…
Give thanks to God…

It was not me.
But it could be…

Calling all hearts do you fit the profile?
Racial profiling is still …
Our reality.

Mozell Fleming
Copyright 2009