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SLS 2009 Awards Show: The Road to Freedom

The Road To Freedom
by Lutishia Lovely

The road to freedom, to being truly alive
Well lets start with’s not the 10 or the 60 or the I-95
Its not a path or a freeway one can physically travel
That brings peace to the soul, and helps mysteries unravel

Before beginning, the first step is defining “free”
That answer may be different for you than it is for me
So just as a point of reference, for various meanings the word carries

I looked - in a book - called the dictionary

Inside was a plethora of delicious choices
As many blurbs to define the word as this station has voices
Enjoying personal rights or liberty,
(Translated: if u’se ain’t a slave, then u’se is free)

Exempt from external authority, independent, no restrictions
“I can do what the hell I want” is another way to put this description

Clear of obstacles, no judgment…choices
And for Lutishia’s translation, let’s see
Uh, how bout this, why don’t you do you,
…and then let me do me

I think that freedom is running naked, and not caring who sees it
Freedom is writing what I want and not caring who reads it
It’s in choosing to be kind, instead of having to be right
It’s being friends with the person that nobody else likes

And when you’re the one they’re hatin’
And I don’t mean to be crass
But freedom is the ability to say
Kiss my _______ !

Free is open, unimpeded, like flowing water without a dam
Freedom is simply the ability to be who I am
Even when I’m in a different geographical dimension
Even when we share a bunch of different opinions
Even when ones religion is different from the other, even when everybody is a different color
Even when we butt heads on a political situation,
or share a different view or our sexual orientation

Freedom is recognizing ones self outside time and space
Seeing all of us as coming from and going to same place
Freedom is listening to Spirit…so below as above
Freedom is knowing we’re all One, Freedom is love

The road to freedom, to being truly alive
Well lets end with’s not the 10 or the 60 or the I-95
It’s a journey where you discover you’re your own best friend…
Because the road to true freedom, is a journey within.

Copyright 2009 All rights reserved.

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