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Party with Lutishia Lovely July 27, 2009

Join Lutishia Lovely for her FIRST EVER RELEASE PARTY!

WHEN: Monday, July 27, 2009
TIME: 8-10:00 EST, (7:00-9:00 Central)
WHERE: BAN Network Blog Talk Radio

Call-In To Win Prizes! (646) 200-0402

Chat during the event at:

Can you believe I’ve completed book five of the Hallelujah Love series and never had a party? Me neither, and thanks to the BAN Network, that’s all about to change. I’m having my party via the airwaves so that you can join me from wherever you are! Join me to celebrate the release of Heaven Right Here and win prizes!

On July 28th, readers will be able to purchase Heaven Right Here and read about Stacy Gray, her ex-husband Darius and his current “husband”, Bo Jenkins. You will also get updates on Hope Taylor, married to the oh-so-fine brothah, Cy, and Millicent Sims, who is now Millicent Kirtz. The storyline in three words? Baby-Mama-Drama!

Praise for Heaven Right Here
When it comes to being fruitful and multiplying, the members of Kingdom Citizens Christian Center are on it—and no one tells their sexy, scandalous stories like Lutishia Lovely…

4 ½ stars…Fantastic! -- Romantic Times on Heaven Right Here

Literary Hallmark & Legends 2009 Award -- Black Pearls Magazine on Heaven Right Here

Celebrating Heaven Right Here and the re-release of Sex In The Sanctuary! You won’t want to miss this party! Tons of prizes given away!

BAN Network Blog Talk Radio
Hosted by Ella Curry of EDC Creations
Monday, July 27, 2009, 8:00-10:00 EST (7:00-9:00 central)
Book Lovers Call-In to party: (646) 200-0402

Will You Do Me A Favor?
Help Support Black Book Stores & Make Heaven Right Here a Bestseller!

On Tuesday, July 27th, you can help our community and hoist Heaven to bestseller status by entering for your to chance to win the entire autographed Hallelujah Love Series & $50 cash! How? In 3 simple steps:

1) Click on one of the Black Bookstore links below,
2) Put Heaven Right Here in their search engine & purchase your copy,
3) Forward a copy of your email confirmation to:

Participating Book Stores for the HRH Contest!
:: Precious Memories Bookstores (VA):
:: Mocha Readers (OH):
:: Pyramid Books (FL):
:: Kana CDs & Books (OH):
:: Jokae’s Books (TX): 800.749.7725 (yes, call, Til will take your order and forward me your information!)

If you’re in the following areas, you can purchase in person, but due to demand, it may have to be ordered! (Receipts can be mailed; visit my website for address)

:: EsoWon Books ( Los Angeles ): 4311 Degnan Blvd. , 323-290-1048
:: Da Book Joint, (Chicago): 9527 S. Jeffery, 773-978-3555

(Note: Orders MUST be placed between Tuesday, July 27th - Friday, July 31, to be eligible to win. So mark your calendar, place your order, and get ready to win the ENTIRE autographed series & cold, hard cash!!!)

Head on over to my website and read an excerpt now: Follow me on Twitter: Enjoy!

Order Heaven Right Here by Lutishia Lovely
ISBN: 0758229437
ISBN-13: 9780758229434
Format: Paperback, 320pp
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
Pub. Date: August 2009

Heaven Right Here Synopsis
When Stacy Gray meets friends for lunch, the last thing she expects to be served is legal papers suing her for custody of her son, Darius Jr. As far as Stacy's concerned, when Darius Sr. chose to be with his male lover, he lost his chance at fatherhood. But when an unexpected crisis strikes, and an obsessed fan threatens more than Darius's music career, the battling parents may have to grow up…

Cy and Hope Taylor are struggling to conceive, so when Hope sees her former nemesis, Millicent, talking on television about life as a wife and new mother, jealousy rears its ugly head. Then Cy rekindles his friendship with Millicent and needless to say, Hope is definitely more peeved than pleased. As baby mama drama shakes up the saints, everyone better pray for mercy…

“The scintillating brew of sex, faith and sharp humor will have Lovely's fans breathless for more.” —Publishers Weekly on A Preacher's Passion

“Lutishia Lovely brought Passion to church and set it on fire!!!”
—Pat G'Orge-Walker, Essence bestselling on A Preacher's Passion

“Filled with drama, consequences, double-standards and plenty of life lessons to go around.”
—Naleighna Kai, author of She Touched My Soul on A Preacher's Passion

HOT! Carbon Copy by Azarel

Carbon Copy by Azarel
Life Changing Books:

Have you ever craved someone so badthat youd be willing to do anything?

Meet Dominique Lewis, a foul, hard-boiled, go-getter who spends most of her days yearning to be just like her sister, and plotting on taking her man. For her, its all about money, sex, and power. Although she possesses the perfect physique and sexy features, her life-long dream is to become wealthy and a house-hold name. By any means necessary, she vows to get what she wants...

Watch the new Carbon Copy Video

Carbon Copy by Azarel
Life Changing Books:

What happens when "swagger jackin" becomes deadly? Dominique Lewis spent most of her days as a high maintenance wanna-be. Although she had the perfect physique and facial features, she studied the charming behaviors of women who successfully landed pro-athletes, and mimicked the money-hungry ladies who were able to get into the pockets of hustlers. Her life-long dream was to become wealthy, and a house-hold name. By any means necessary, she vowed to get what she wanted.

As Dominique's mission unfolds, she manages to only rub elbows with the elite, and those who could get her to the top. Soon, after the tragic murder of her sister, all hell breaks loose, and Dominique's cover is blown. Armed with revenge on the brain, and a status goal in mind, she lands a position as Rapheal's woman, the most sought after millionaire Atlanta has to offer.

Raphael's lavish status in town puts her on a new level, right where she always dreamed. It was all about money, sex, and power. There was only one problem; Rapheal had always been faithful to his former girlfriend, and had especially been off limits to Dominique. Unfortunately for, Dominique all rules remained the same. In an effort, to hold on to Rapheal, and all the elaborate material possessions, Dominique sets out on a deadly mission to remove anything that stands in her way.

Life Changing Books ISBN-10: 1934230677 ISBN-13: 978-1934230671

Who Is He To You by Monique D. Mensah

Who Is He To You by Monique D. Mensah

Who Is He To You by Monique D. Mensah

Simone, Jessica, and Ryan are all fighting for love. As the shattered lives of three very different women collide, they find they have one thing in common: they are all in a desperate fight to hang on to love. But when love involves incest, self-injury, drug addiction and murder will they fight to hold on? Or will they find out who he is to you and escape before it’s too late?

Follow Simone, Jessica, and Ryan’s emotional journeys through to the shocking end when these women will experience injury, imprisonment, and even death while crafting new lives from the ashes of their ruination. Order your copy today! ISBN: 978-0578023489

Somebody's Sinning in My Bed by Pat G'Orge-Walker

Meet Author Pat G'Orge-Walker
The First Lady of Gospel Comedy Writing and Performing

Somebody's Sinning in My Bed by Pat G'Orge-Walker

Pat G'Orge-Walker delivers a wickedly funny, uplifting novel of love and betrayal…good karma and bad karma…sin and redemption…

Reverend Grayson Young and his wife Chyna have the perfect marriage. Perfect, that is, if you believe Reverend Young is walking the walk as well as talking the talk.

For while the Reverend preaches about the evils of infidelity, both he and his wife are having so many affairs, you'd think the day of reckoning was at hand. And when Reverend Young catches his wife in the act at the fittingly named Sweet Bush Lounge, his faith and love for his wife are put to the ultimate test…

Distraught, Chyna turns to her sister Janelle for guidance—the same sister whose man she stole years ago. But if Chyna thinks she's getting sympathy from Janelle, she'd better think again. Cordell was Janelle's first love. And even though Cordell and Chyna eventually divorced, Janelle still feels the sting of their betrayal. As far as Janelle sees it, what goes around comes around, so it's now Chyna's turn to be hurting. What follows are squabbling, chaos, and surprises that show how hard the road to salvation really is…

Praise For Pat G'Orge-Walker

“Ms. Walker pens a tale so funny that you'll fall out of your chair laughing, and so poignantly realistic that you'll wipe tears from your eyes… a must-read.” —Angela Benson on Cruisin' on Desperation

“One of my favorite writers of all time.” —Zane, New York Times Bestselling Author

“Christian comedy fiction at its best.” —Library Journal on Mother Eternal Ann Everlastin's Dead

Order your copy today: ISBN-10: 0758235402 ISBN-13: 9780758235404.

Read more on the author and the book at:

Meet author Patricia A. Bridewell

Author on Book Tour, invite her to your next radio show, chat session, blog-affair or online party!

Reflections Of A Quiet Storm by Patricia A. Bridewell

As CEO and owner of a new nursing registry, Pauline Bridges is striving to reach the height of success, and then unexpectedly tragedy strikes. After a near fatal automobile accident, she climbs from the wreckage unscathed. Shortly thereafter, God begins to reveal her past. Chronicled in a series of stories, her life unfolds through a long journey; a pathway that unveils many secrets that not even her children had been told.

Memories, dreams and flashbacks of her mother's abuse at the hands of her stepfather, a rape during adolescence, her brother's stormy lifestyle, and the agony of a marriage that was destroyed by her ex-husband, Naman's infidelity and substance abuse, all return to torment her. Then there is the shattering memory of the unsolved murder of her former boss, a vice president for a major recording company. The ditch grows much deeper as she struggles to help her children through their crises, and also learns that her friend, Vangie, is having an affair with her best friend, Bethany's husband, Darryl. Keith Maris steps into her life and opens her heart to feelings and emotions that she didn't know still existed. His strong support and her faith bring resolutions that pave the way through a chaotic triangle of family issues and an illicit love affair, in Reflections of a Quiet Storm.

ISBN: 0977939863
ISBN-13: 9780977939862


About the Author
Patricia A. Bridewell is a native of Los Angeles, California. Reading has always had a certain magnetism in her life since childhood. Journaling life experiences as therapy led to her passion for writing. Her notes transcended into the novel, Reflections of a Quiet Storm, to be released by Xpress Yourself Publishing LLC on March 10, 2009. Patricia has multifaceted careers as a registered nurse, adjunct college professor, and CEO of her own company, Bri-John Nursing Services, Inc. She is currently working on her second novel and is a guest writer for two new online magazines-Step Up Sista and

Meet author Anita Ballard-Jones

Author on Book Tour, invite her to your next radio show, chat session, blog-affair or online party!

Ashes, Ashes, They All Fall Down by Anita Ballard-Jones

Josey was pregnant, struggling to overcome her cocaine addiction, and determined her baby would not be born an addict like her second daughter, Kelly. After three attempts to clean up, Sabur, Josey's husband continued offering her an endless supply of cocaine to keep her under his control. Finally, Josey ran away and with the help of Sabur's mother, Sadie, she entered a long term rehabilitation facility and vowed never to return to Sabur. The only problem was Sabur was a powerful and anonymous drug financier and Josey loved him more than she feared him. Did Josey want what Sadie wanted for her and her children? Did she just want Sabur to love her and change their way of life, or did she have a choice?

Dr. Pearson, Josey's psychologist at the Springwood Rehabilitation Center, had no knowledge of Josey's husband's involvement in her repeated relapses. He had Josey seek the underlying cause for her substance abuse by having her return to her early years and relive her past by analyzing her old memories. Josey begins thinking back to her childhood, to when the horrors began; to a time when she and her brothers and sister had to fight most of their young lives for survival while their parents were strung out on heroine and had turned their apartment in a Brooklyn, New York housing project into a junkie's hangout.

ISBN: 0972945539
ISBN-13: 9780972945530


Lies of Blue by Lynne Forde

Author on Book Tour, invite her to your next radio show, chat session, blog-affair or online party!

Lies of Blue by Lynne Forde
What is the price for fulfilling your dream?

Lies of Blue is the story about Lynne Forde, a young woman who tries to reach her dream by making sacrifices. Somewhere along the line, the wrong sacrifices get made. It's Training Day meets OZ with a twist of Set It Off.

When Forde gets tired of her dead end job in the City Courts, she embarks on a career in the belly of the beast. With a degree in hand and a little bit of street sense, she decides to try her hand working in River's Edge Jail Complex. From day one at the Academy to her last day at Prison, Forde evolves from your average "rookie" into something other than just a woman. To make matters worse, if you put a sexual being in the midst of some of the city's most conniving men and women, you are bound to come up with something a little kinky and very destructive. The more dangerous the game became, the more erotic the encounters became. She goes from Officer, to Hustler, to Victim, to CEO in a matter of 8 years.

Lies of Blue is an expose of what goes on in the belly of the beast, through the eyes of one woman. Lies of Blue teaches you that there are so many people you may come across in life, you never know who is real and who is fake, but that the journey can become a battle of life or death. Choose wisely. What is the price for fulfilling your dream?

ISBN: 1604023783
ISBN-13: 9781604023787



You may download an excerpt of the book below. Share it with a friend.

Lynne Forde's Media Kit for interviews and book signing invitations:

Vote for Jessica Tilles and XYP Authors

Voting for the 5th Annual
African American Literary Awards Show

The voting process is now underway for the 5th Annual African American Literary Awards Show to be held September 24, 2009 in Harlem, New York. This event showcases some of the most talent people in the literary world. We are putting our full support behind several people on this ballot! Xpress Yourself Publishing is one of the main organizations we support.

If you believe in Xpress Yourself Publishing as well as their authors and support what we do at EDC Creations, please be sure to cast your vote for Xpress Yourself Publishing for the Independent Publisher of the year, along with your other favorite authors. We appreciate your consideration.

For your convenience, here is the link to cast your vote today:


I hope this email finds you all doing well. If I could have a quick moment of your time, I have a HUGE favor to ask of you.

Last year, Xpress Yourself Publishing was nominated for and won the 2008 African American Literary Award for Independent Publisher of the Year and we've been nominated AGAIN this year. I have to admit, we REALLY want to win again this year! We, along with our wonderful, talented authors, have worked very hard this year. Currently, we have over 60 titles in print and an author roster of 30 that's growing rapidly.

Just like last year, in order to win, we are asking you to cast your vote for Xpress Yourself Publishing and its authors. Last year, the turnout to vote for us was phenomenal!

So, I'm asking you to PLEASE, PLEASE, pretty PLEASE, with sugar on top, go to and cast your vote for the following:

Independent Publisher
Xpress Yourself Publishing

Victoria Wells, author of When Love Comes Around (and A Special Summer)

Short Stories/Anthologies
Somebody Prayed For Me by Linda Herman, Allyson Deese and Tinisha Nicole Johnson

Author of the Year (Female)
Linda Herman, author of Consequences

As an author, it is a wonderful feeling to have your body of work recognized and nominated for an award. It truly makes the long nights writing and the struggles with re-writing all worth it! We are so very excited, and we congratulate all nominated artists, authors and publishers.

Thanks so much for your continued support of Xpress Yourself Publishing, and we look forward to showcasing our 2010 releases, and bring you some of the best in the world literature!

Warm Regards,

Jessica Tilles
Publisher, Xpress Yourself Publishing
P.O. Box 1615
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20773
Phone: 301.390.3645
Fax: 202.478.3447

Sankofa Literary Review Summer 09

Sankofa Literary Watch Summer 2009

The Sankofa Literary Society Review is focused on the issues and lifestyles that define the avid American Reader -- what they read, what they want out of their careers, how they connect to each other, what motivates them and how they feel about the community as a whole.

Many have stated that "there is no African American's dead," we don't feel that way. The Village is here, the village in now! Expand your horizons!
Join us today to add your voice and experiences to our union. While showcasing our heritage, our experiences and delivering our voice--we remain anchored to the spiritual, emotional and practical realities of our entire global community, supporting all races. We are not limited solely to AA authors; we hope to educate our readers by offering a variety of literature and resources. We are offering you the best in literature period, from our perspective. Come on in and join this movement to Give the Gift of Knowledge!

Listed below are some of the best community forums, blogs and websites representing the literary world and the arts. Please take your time and expand your reading territory by saluting the literary greats and leaders listed below. This list is not in any certain order of importance, all the sites listed below are 5 stars! If you are on the list below, please tell us your latest news. Make sure you tell any of your friends if they are listed too. We will post new lists every 3 months.

Best New Book Covers
01. The Birthday Storm (Sassy) by Sharon Draper
02. The Listeners by Gloria Whelan
03. In the Land of Cotton by Martha Taylor
04. America I AM Legends by Smiley Books
05. Prize of a Lifetime by Donna Hill
06. Snapped: A Novel by Tracy Brown
07. Another Memory by Pamela Ridley
08. Too Much of a Good Thing Ain't Bad by Clarence Nero
09. Kissing The Man Next Door by Devon Vaughn Archer
10. Hideaway (Jammed Up) by Stirling Noh

Books to Watch
01. Raising African American Girls by Linda Ellis Eastman
02. Junebug by Alice Mead
03. November Blues by Sharon M. Draper
04. Coming Across Jordan by Mabel Elizabeth Singletary
05. Naughty 2 by Brenda Hampton
06. Holy Seduction by Jessica A. Robinson
07. Somebody's Sinning in My Bed by Pat G'Orge-Walker
08. A New Kind of Bliss by Bettye Griffin
09. Lovers & Liars by Teri Denine
10. Unsigned Hype: A Novel by Booker T. Mattison

Authors You Should Know

01. Anthony Asadullah Samad
02. Bernice L. McFadden
03. Candice Poarch
04. Angela Nissel
05. Angie L. Jennings
06. Nikki Jenkins
07. Christine Pembleton
08. Jacquelin Thomas
09. Sherri Lewis
10. Hank Stewart
11. Rochelle Alers
12. Rachel Kramer Bussel
13. Marie Mutsuki Mockett
14. K'wan
15. Gail McFarland
16. Stacey Covington-Lee
17. Diane Martin
18. Lisa G. Riley
19. Valerie Joyner
20. Bette Ford

Best Author Websites
01. James McBride '
02. Miasha
03. Hank Stewart
04. Noel Jones
05. Tomi Akinyanmi
06. Lamar Ariel
07. Omarosa
08. Wahida Clark
09. Donna Hill Fanclub
10. Pamela Samuels Young

Best Social Networks
01. Sistah Faith
04. The GOOD GIRL Book Club™
05. ISeeColor
06. Essence Community
07. Tyra Banks Community
08. Shepreneur
09. Black History 365 Network
10. Real Urban Fans

Best Amazon Reviewers and Listmania Creators
01. Sistagirl
03. Sistahs on the Shelf
04. ABookGroupie
05. Cydney Rax
06. PrinceLuva
07. Urban Fiction Queen
08. RAWSISTAZ Reviewers
09. Yasmin Coleman
10. OOSA Online Book Club
*** Note: EDC Creations CEO Listmanias

Top EDC Creations Networks
Sankofa Literary Society Bookclub
01. EDC Creations Billboard
02. Black Authors Network
03. EDC Creations Sunday News
04. Ella at Twitter
05. Ella at BlackPlanet
06. Black Authors on Facebook
07. SLS Bookclub Center
08. EDC Creations Bookstore
09. Ella at Myspace
10. Ella at LinkedIn

Literary Blogs to Watch
01. The Crime Sistahs
02. The Book Slut
03. Black Book Blog
04. Tayari's Blog
05. Profiles in Black (BAN)
06. The Lo Zone
07. Cortney Gee
08. Chocolate City Blog
09. Black Voices Blogs
10. Kaye's Book Blog

Bookclubs and Reader's Groups to Watch
01. African American Book Clubs
02. Divas Inc.
03. OOSA Online Book Club
04. DrumBeats Book Club
06. Forbidden Fruit Book Club
07. Books of Soul
08. Books And Beignets
09. Sankofa Literary Review
10. Sistahs on the Shelf

Best Online Magazines
02. Black Singles Magazine
03. Black Pearls Magazine
04. Faithwebbin Online Magazine
05. Affair de Coeur Magazine
06. Emerging Minds, Inc
07. Black Wealth and Fortune Magazine
08. Words without Borders
09. Faith Filled Stilettos
10. Chocolate Singles Magazine
***Note: EDC Literary Magazine

Best MySpace, Twitter and Facebook Sites
01. Azarel and Life Changing Books
02. LifeCoach2Women
04. Sassy Stilettos
05. Tweet Bookclub
06. FB African American Books
07. FB African American Authors
08. FB African American Fiction
09. Peace In Pages
10. Dynah Zale

Best Community, Family or Literary Forum
01. Raising Him Alone
02. Commute Reading Co-ed Book Club
03. Black Barbershop Health Outreach Program
04. FB African American History
05. Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation
06. Open Society Institute
07. A New Conversation with Men
08. Daughter, Sister, Friend
09. ESpiritE Radio Broadcasters Network
10. Kenneth E. Pollock

Best Literary Resource Site
01. Publishers Marketplace
02. Hurston/Wright Foundation
03. Urban Reviews
04. Romance in Color
05. Black Writers On Tour
07. Book Reporter
08. Reader to Reader
09. Black Writers On Tour

Congratulations New Book Club Partners
I am proud to announce the creation of 9 new book clubs in the EDC Creations network. I had the pleasure of setting up all 9 bookclubs with private blog websites, newsletters, email accounts and gave them their first suggested reading material. This was such an awesome project! The readers range from age 19-77!

Each bookclub was given a "Book club to Go Bag", filled with books, bookmarks, promotional material, EDC Creations hat, EDC Creations Catalog, and Godiva Chocolates. Each bookclub was given a folder with all kinds of suggestions for rules, setting up meetings and how to select the book of the month. EDC Creations has a book club reading room, created for all book clubs to find new books to explore.

Here are the names of our new book club partners:

1. MLK Blvd Readers from Atlanta, GA (27 male and female readers; no Urban Lit)

2. SapphoAngel Sisters from Hattisburg, MS (reading only Erotica and Urban Lit)

3. Garrett Swain Legacy from Annison, AL (reading only Faith based books)

4. 7th Ward Reviewers from New Orleans, LA (42 women and 3 groups;largest of the 17 Wards of New Orleans)

5. Delta Divas Wine and Books from Tuskegee, AL (hosting formal gatherings every 3 months; no online meetings)

6. Mocha Sister Runners from Jackson, MS (exercise club of plus sized sisters; prefers Romance novels)

7. SCLCC Reader's Group from Marietta, GA (all over 40; no Erotica; no poetry)

8. Mt. Moriah Reading Rainbow from Clanton, AL (only reaing Black Authors; no Urban Lit)

9. Daughters of Toni and Maya from Houston, TX (9 teen readers; 14 adult readers; Faith based books)

All 9 bookclubs and 5 groups would like to have reading conference calls with authors. If you are interested in contacting any of these groups to review your books, email Ella Curry at: with a pdf of your first chapter EXCERPT and your professional email coverletter. I am the sole public relations person for these groups and they will select all reading material from EDC Creations magazine, radio show and personal newsletters. Each group will be given a choice of 3 books to read each month. They will discuss the books on their private blogs as well as monthly conference calls with me. I will pull the best of their blog post out and put them in Black Pearls!

Enjoy and tell at least 10 people about this wonderful list of leaders!

Ella Curry, founder of the Sankofa Literary Society
EDC Creations Website:
Email me at: