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Writer Workshop: Codes and Musology

Theme: “Give the Gift of Knowledge”
Date: TBA
Speaker: John D. Evans

Summary of the Workshop:
John D. Evans will discuss two schools of thought, Codes and Musology. He will provide mini-essays, poetry, and discussion questions. The readers will explore the codes in life, the systems that work consistently, and they will discuss a study of the essence of all persons, places, things, and ideas: Musology.

Workshop Handout: Please click on the image to expand; adjust the page for your reading pleasure. Use the handout to explore the concepts in this community workshop.

Community Discussion Questions:

Reality of the Code (Day One)

1. What is your definition of a code?
2. What are some other examples of codes?
3. How do codes impact your life?
4. What are codes that you employ?
5. Describe a situation when codes were helpful? Harmful?

Teach the Code (Day Two)
1. Why do you think the author followed up Reality of the Code with Teach the Code?
2. How does the author feel about the profession of teaching? How do you know?
3. How can one teach a code?
4. Do you agree with the last line of the essay? “We are as great as we are teachers of codes.” Explain.
5. Are you a teacher of codes? Why or Why not?

Power of the Spirit (Day Three)
1. Do you believe that the spirit exists? Explain.
2. Do you believe that human beings can also be muses? Explain.
3. Do you believe that human beings can also be anti-muses? Explain.
4. Does spiritual warfare exist? Explain.
5. Are you a muse? Anti-muse? Both or Neither? Explain.

John D. Evans Bio
John D. Evans graduated from Morris Brown College with Cum Laude honors in the spring of 1996 and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing. Upon graduation, he worked for two years as a Business Analyst, Operations Specialist, and Operations Reporter for Electronic Data Systems (EDS) in Detroit, Michigan. Longing for growth and change, he moved back to Chicago where he worked temporary jobs.

In Chicago, in the Computer Lab of Malcolm X College, John D. Evans began to publish his poetic memoirs. In the summer of 2000, he published Acres of Green and Oceans of Blue: Diary of a Runaway. He later published More Than a Club Kid: Man Versus Self (2002), Things That Make My World Go ‘Round: A Poetic Memoir (2003), How Deep I Can Be: Lessons and Confessions (2005), Diary of a Renaissance Man: Axioms, Aphorisms, Art, and Poetry (2007), and J.D.’s Groove (2008). Diary of a Renaissance Man is a Children’s Choice Book (2008) that has been chosen by The International Reading Association (IRA), the Children's Book Council (CBC), and 10,000 schoolchildren.

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