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CALLING ALL HEARTS by Mozell Flemings


Our eyes wide open our mouths sealed tight…
except to down eachother and we know that blank aint right!
We delegate our power by casting a vote… then we climb beneath the covers
Oppressions knives at our throats.

We cry on deaf shoulders, we threaten and we plead.
While respecting the vaulted precepts of American Society.
When will we listen? When will we learn?

The sins of racism formed on the pyre of inequality…
On the cross of democracy

Have not yet been burned.
While the mind set of authority still look down on our kin,
If you don’t have the currency…
Good luck brother you can’t win.
Represented by the Public…Schooled and sworn to uphold

The Morality of a society built upon Fort Knox Gold.
The morals and morality in this land of constant flux…
Les you talking about us Black folks attitudes haven’t change very much towards us.

Where were you yesterday? Where were you a week ago?
You were seen in the area just a little while ago.

Yea they said that he had dred locs and he had his pants slung low..
Just round up the usual suspects into the petty wagon you Negros!

Calling all hearts guess you already knew
If you fit the profile they’ll crack your head too.
See they already told us so you may as well confess!
There aint no such thing as a virtuitous black man…
Hell no! You get no respect.

Of course we have our issues locking ranks can not conceal
All cultures have deviant behavior…
No race is without its ills.
Yet can somebody please please tell me why the prisons are filled …
With Dark complected people.

Wet dreams realized, is fate sealed?
Hey man that’s my brother ah man not my Moms..
Ten or fifteen years later Lawyers dropping DNA bombs!

Here’s a million for your trouble now gone you better get lost..
Shut your mouth and stop complaining…
Tax payer money paid the cost.

Yes their guns are always blazing hired goons to keep you down .
When they don’t use hollow point bullets…
Emotional time bombs easier found.

Demoralization by racial profiling and you thought that they were through?
Because we elected a Black President…
What you think that’s going to do?

Better get ready,
better be vocal, bigotry soldiers on the rise
Some wear blue and some wear hoods with nothing showing but their eyes.

With little to stop it prisons for profit…
No it will not go away
Poison swords jugging constantly swinging.
Towards each other

Calling all hearts do you fit the profile
Like that car that you driving…
Black on black crimes
Still in style.

Yea he probably did it… who cares… they make mistakes
Parentless children dysfunctional households
Future prosperity slips away.

Sure they were all found not guilty; they claim the ends justify the means.
Keep them in the proper prospective… Trample down their fragile dream!

There are so many of my people life incarcerated within
County Jails, Institutions and the Federal Pen.
Public Saftey is the mantra and they all crying for raise.

While taking cheap shots at my people putting our youth in early graves.
Characters long been lacking on both sides of the line.
But who is stacking mega dollars and we know who’s doing time.

Calling all hearts its time for more of us to care…
before your daughter or your son or your mother wind’s up caught up in there.

They got my Issac in Orlando, They shot my home boy out in Queens.
Rodney King took them for millions… but they still killed hommie in New Orleans.

They jammed Shalita in Atlanta… The Brunswick Six they did their time, only to find out many years later that the boys had done no crime.
Oscar…. Shot down out in Oakland, Justified… the party line.

Slammed poor Paul up in Milwaukee and he did not get a dime.

Weddings days have been disrupted…
Philly still give good beat down.
TV cameras always rolling white Officers kick them on the ground!

They tried the boys up in Chicago
Colby skated in Colorado
Protect and serve with racist bravado
Every time you look around.

They got old. Johnie down in Vegas
Cracked old Moon up in VA.
Probable cause, yea they just played us to make the inquiry go away.

Mothers crying in Kentucky,
West Virginia torture scenes
Yet they tell us racism is fading… these incidents are just extreme.

To many fathers lost in the struggle
From Omaha to Abilene no matter where you go in America
The scars of racism can be seen.

These are crimes that are being committed does it really matter by who?
Wrong place, mistaken identity…Who pays the consequences
Me and you.

From Florida to California
And all points in between
I just mentioned a few of the casualties
we all know of horrible things

Solemn mothers, grieving fathers pain and misery lives with them..
Try to count racism’s victims… While side blue marks another win.

Maybe one day we’ll all get closure…
Someone has to pay the cost
If not society… just blame a brother
We got another nig..ra boss.

They say society is made better… the sad part is some of us agree,
Another brother catching cases…
Give thanks to God…

It was not me.
But it could be…

Calling all hearts do you fit the profile?
Racial profiling is still …
Our reality.

Mozell Fleming
Copyright 2009

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