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SLS Awards Show: Never Another Dream Deferred

by Lynne Forde

Never another dream deferred
When left unsure or as they say “scurred”
Because the trail was blazed by many afore
So we should be free, so that we could soar
From following the drinking gourd

To Selma and walking long long hours
To claiming victory is ours
If Frederick Thurgood and Martin stood
For all the things we’ve done as good
If Crispus Attucks laid his life
Then I too can endure great strife

To lead where others only follow
Not certain if I will see tomorrow
But if I don’t succeed it’s hollow
Sojourner and Lincoln please let me borrow

One ounce of your commitment pride
For Malcom I won’t be denied, this
Revolution…..Televised yet still
NY Post we’re not surprised
That prophecy Barack fulfilled
Knowing at any time he could be killed

But never would he be deterred
My people never another dream deferred!

Copyright 2009 Lynne Forde

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