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Introduction to the 2009 BHM Internet Book Fair

BHM Book Fair Daily Topic
Introduction to the 2009 BHM Internet Book Fair

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Black History Month Internet Book Fair, hosted by EDC Creations and the Sankofa Literary Society. This book fair is brought to you completely from the Internet. There will be live readings, book previews and author interviews, seminars, community town hall meetings, panel discussions, podcast promotions, video features and nightly live interviews. With a telephone and a computer you can have a front row seat!

Each day of the 42-day cyber book fair, visit this board and leave some love or wisdom on the chat threads. Each night, for 42 nights, join us on the Black Authors Network Radio Show to hear the featured speakers and authors. The Blog Talk Radio chat room, for BAN Radio, will be open for all visitors. You can call into the show and join the conversation as well at: 646-200-0402.

There will be advertising opportunities for authors, publishers and business owners, as well as threads for readers to ask authors those questions you always want to know! Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates and the latest events in your email account of Sunday mornings.

Help us to Celebrate Black History Month with Style and Grace. Support the authors by visiting the bookstore all year long to make your purchases! Bookstore Now Open.

We will host a live meet and greet with the featured speakers/authors on the BAN Radio Show at 9-10pm EST nightly. Join us in the chat room for more information on this topic. You will be able to hear the show live and every 10th chatter wins free books.


Check the archives daily to follow more interesting community conversations. Leave your gifts on those pages as well. Join the conversation and truly Give the Gift of Knowledge. If you missed a radio show, download it from the site or listen to it here each day.

In the archives you will find panel discussions, sections to freely Speak Ya Mind, educational advice and tips, financial literacy guides and tons of great books!

This is a community forum for readers, authors and publishers! Jump right in and share your comments and suggestions. Tell at least 5 friends about the site and visit often so you don't miss anything!

You can subscribe to this blog in the upper right hand corner, to receive all the news and events in your email account bi-weekly! This is the best way to keep up with the book fair and all the authors that will be speaking. Once you read it in the email, join us here on the boards to share your opinions too.


Nightly BHM Events Take Place on BAN Radio

Black Authors Network Radio Show
Showtime: 9-10pm EST, unless stated otherwise
Call-in number: (646)200-0402

Chat live with the guests in our chat room during the show. Registered BlogTalk Radio users are eligible to win FREE books! The chat room will be open EVERY night of the event. Promote your book or business for free in the chat room.

Chat room:

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