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Sins of the Past By Nathasha Brooks-Harris

Sins of the Past By Nathasha Brooks-Harris

It’s 1964 in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, and the Robinson sisters—Ernestine, Annie Mae, and Viola—are making a way out of no way. Times are hard for the three maids who accept their plight, thinking they can do no better. But not Ernestine. She’s a beauty; and says hell no, she wants more. She sets out to get it.

Every Thursday is maids’ day off, so the three come back to their brownstone apartment to eat some good country cooking and party the night away at Teensey’s Sugar Shack.
But for some reason, Ernestine refuses to join them in the revelry. She gets dolled up and goes out alone.
The feisty Viola accuses of her trying to “pass” and sneaking around to see a secret lover she has stashed in parts unknown. However, there is a reason for Ernestine’s disappearing acts, and she sets out to make her dreams come true. [Read More]

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