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Speak Ya Mind: Creating your own Legacy

What type of Legacy are you leaving behind for your family and future generations? Share with us what part you think books will play in this contribution to the future.

Leaving a Legacy
Many people are concerned about leaving a legacy: evidence that their life mattered and that they made a difference in the world and in the lives of those they love.

I found this cancer related resource with a very detailed guide to leaving a legacy. I want to share it with you today. Source found here.

Creating your own legacy
A legacy reflects who you are as a person and what your life was about. Take time to reflect on the events in your life: the things you have accomplished, the people you have loved, and the memories that you cherish. Creating a legacy that reflects your life is a valuable gift to your family and friends, and can help ease your own sorrow about leaving them behind.

Some ideas for creating a legacy include:
  • Making a videotape diary
  • Writing letters to your loved ones
  • Recording a cassette tape of your memories and thoughts
  • Making a photo album or scrapbook with pictures of you and your loved ones together, as well as mementos from special places you have been
  • Creating a piece of artwork, such as a poem, a painting, or a quilt that reflects you and your life
  • Donating your time and/or money to a charity or cause that has been important to you
Whichever means you choose to create your legacy, there are different things you may decide to include:

The beliefs, values, and insights you have gained through your life experiences
Stories and memories of important experiences and events, including those you shared with family and friends
The hopes and dreams you have for your loved ones in the future
Prayers and wishes for your family and friends
A record of what you are thinking and feeling as you approach the end of your life

Memories are also an important legacy. Every person leaves a legacy as they live on in the memories of loved ones. Talk with your loved ones about the times you have spent together and the experiences you have shared. You will be honoring memories, as well as creating new ones for your loved ones to cherish.

Arrange a family gathering to commemorate a special occasion, even if it means "making up" a reason to celebrate. You family and friends will cherish photographs and memories of these events long after you are gone. Consider taking a special trip with your family or fulfilling a lifelong dream. Visit the main website and read this entire dedication to creating a legacy. The site is full of valuable information.

After you finish reading the site, please join us and tell us what you legacy will become.

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