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State of African American Literature

Join us in a community panel discussion on the State of African American Literature. Listed below are several topics. Share your thoughts or opinions on a few of the topics below. Repsect one another, but give a honest view of your feelings.

Please share with us some of your concerns about how our literature is being shared with the world. Are we going too far in "Keepin it Real" with the readers?

Who is responsible for the quality of literature given to the readers: the publisher or the writer?

What 3 things could we do to really increase literacy in our community?

What are 3 things that make you the most proud about our literature.

What are 3 things you wish we would stop doing in sharing our experiences.

Do you feel that we are "airing our dirty laundry" in many of the new books?

What is your take on all the new mentioning of bad preachers and ministers in books? Do you feel this will have a bearing on church goers?

Note: a lively debate is welcomed and encouraged. Speak ya mind. However, let's respect the thoughts and opinions of the other chatters. All posts made with malice will be deleted immediately! I want to know what is really on the minds of our readers and authors.

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