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Are most men no good? by Michael Taylor

There are lots of good men out there!

We’ve all heard the complaint from women that there just aren’t any good men out there. If you look throughout our media there is no wonder some women may feel this way. We are constantly bombarded with images of deadbeat dads, players who sleep around, alcoholics, workaholics and lazy men who refuse to work. No wonder some women have given up on men.

But is this the only reality? Are most men no good?

I’ll begin by saying that there are some men who fit these stereotypes. There are men who cheat and lie and do not take care of their children. There are men who obsess over material things and have no concept of sensitivity or nurturing. These men definitely exist and there is no reason for me to deny it.

On the other hand, I believe these men are in the minority. Despite the fact that some men may fall into these categories, I firmly believe that most men do not. I honestly believe that most men are hard working, caring, loving men who really want to have great relationships, fulfilling careers, connected relationships with their children and want to be genuinely happy with their lives. Unfortunately too many of them do not have the tools to make this a reality for themselves.

So what are the “tools” that a man needs to have in order to become genuinely happy in all areas of his life? Simply stated a man needs the tools of awareness to ensure his success. The tools of awareness helps a man recognize that we live in a male culture that conditions men to be non-emotional and detached. This detachment from his emotional, psychological and spiritual self is the foundation of the majority of pain and suffering in his life. When a man disconnects from his emotions he is unable to create intimacy and connection in any type of relationship which ultimately dooms him to failure.

In order for men to incorporate these tools they must learn to have a new conversation with men. In this conversation men learn to recognize the importance of being emotionally connected. By learning to connect with his emotions he learns how to open his heart to the people that are close to him and it creates an emotional bond that nurtures his soul. Without his emotions a man becomes a walking, talking, disconnected robot without a heart and will not have the capacity for love. No matter how hard he tries he will never be able to connect to another human being without his emotions.

As men this is our greatest challenge. To create a new paradigm of masculinity where it is OK for a man to be connected to his emotions without fear of being labeled weak or gay. In this new paradigm men learn to become better husbands. better fathers, better friends and most importantly they learn to become genuinely happy with their lives.

Are you ready for this new conversation?

Michael Taylor is the author of “A New Conversation With Men”
He is an entrepreneur, radio show host and personal coach who resides in Houston, Texas


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  1. This was an interesting article.
    I agree; I believe most men are good.
    I have not lost faith. Also, I believe the paradigm has shifted. This is what I struggle with and have not accepted. Therefore, I need to engage in the conversations as well.

    I do, however, realize that men and women lack basic communication skills in general. I think we make relationships difficult when in actuality they are simple. Keep the conversations going! Thank you.

    Rekaya Gibson, Author
    The Food Temptress

  2. Rekaya,

    Thank you for your post. You are correct in your assertion that we lack some basic communication skills. This is why this conversation is so important. Most men have not had good role models for communicating and that is why relationships can be so difficult. This new conversation definitely provides some tools to help men understand how important communication is to a relationship.

    What is going to really shift the paradigm is to get more men involved in this conversation. I hope you will share the information to all of the men in your life to let them know that this resource is available.

    Keep the faith and stay engaged with the conversation.

    Michael Taylor


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