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Book Spotlight: A Little Bit of Sin by Nikki Nicole

A Little Bit of Sin by Nikki Nicole
Genre: UrbanLit/Fiction

My name is Nicole “Nikki Nicole” Cunningham and I am a published freelance writer in San Diego , CA . My novel A Little Bit of Sin should not to be categorized as your average “chick-lit” novel, A Little Bit of Sin is for the Ivana Trump follower: “don’t get mad, get everything.” Everything you’ve always wanted but didn’t dare reach out and grab such as relief…revenge…redirection...

Sinatra Graham is a focused business woman, supportive wife to husband Tyrelle, and loving mother juggling four children: sixteen-year-old gang-banger-in training Kerry and thirteen-year-old twins Shirelle the cheerleader and TJ the wanna-be cheerleader. Between chauffeuring them to cheer, football practices and games and being a dutiful wife to an anxious husband whose single friend, Vernon , is livin’ la vida loca, Sinatra barely has time to blink. At work at her beauty salon, She's Gotta Have It, with close friends, barbers Perry and Ignacio, manicurist Mai, and her cousin, the pretentious Berta, there’s never a dull moment especially after they get new neighbors on the block.

Life for Sinatra is all peaches and cream until she discovers a smear of lipstick on her husband’s boxer-briefs that is definitely not her shade and her once picture perfect existence is shattered forcing Sinatra into a vortex of doubt and turmoil causing her to question if life as she knows it will ever be the same. She is then forced to reexamine, redirect and rededicate herself to what's really important…her sanity, her family or her next move.

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What makes a good relationship go bad relationship is the million dollar question nowadays; however, what we learn from them as individuals is our own life lesson. Sinatra Graham is a supportive wife, loving mother and savvy business woman who, for all intents and purposes has it going on, until that pivotal ‘one thing’ happens and the domino effect ensues and she’s thrust into a world where nothing is as it appears to be.

Her marriage is not the monogamous picture of perfection that she always assumed it was, her kids are growing up quicker than she’d like and shifting into unruly teen mode, she’s experiencing more drama-filled days at work then she’d like and as if matters couldn’t get any worse her sexy and tempting first love is back on the block which threatens to further shatter her façade of a perfect life.

It appears that all she holds near and dear is transforming around her, and not for the better. Sinatra weighs her options. She can divorce her husband, struggle like the rest of the single moms, be one of her ex’s ‘women’ or she can put her game face on and like assembling the perfect outfit, she can pick and choose, mix and match the shattered pieces of her once perfect existence however she wants and work it to her benefit. What will Sinatra do?

This is the quest I will take my readers on between the pages of A Little Bit of Sin. A little bit of me, you, them, their sister and their cousin; we can all identify with the drama of everyday life. The turmoil, trials and tribulations of others are meant to be a road map or at least food for thought for those stuck in the same or similar situations.

Meet the Author
Nikki Nicole is a published freelance journalist and author living in San Diego , California , with her family. She is currently working on the sequel to A Little Bit of Sin. Her writing resume includes staff writer at two local newspapers, publication in magazines such as American Cheerleader, Jr., Fire Magazine, Indie Street Entertainment and the poem My Grandma Would…featured in the second anthology from Gumbo For the Soul The Recipe for Literacy in the Black Community series: Here’s Our Child-Where’s the Village?

Contact Nikki Nicole via her website at or You may also contact her through,,, and/or the author's blog

Books currently available by Nikki Nicole:
A Little Bit of Sin, published 03/2008.
A Little Bit of Sin is available in 3 formats: hardcover, pdf and paperback.

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