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Change... by Tifany Jones

January 2009

Our 44th President ran his entire campaign on the topic. We talk about it to our family and friends because deep down we desire it. So why do so many of us find ourselves victims of complacency? Is it because we only know how to "talk" a good game, but ignore the power to obtain it? Oh, you know what I mean. "Girl, if I could just lose these ten pounds" (while cakes and pies line the refrigerator shelves). "I want a deeper relationship with God" (bible has been in the trunk of the car for two years). "I promise I will spend more time with my children" (please, they get on my nerves already).

Like I said, we all have a desire to change. The only thing missing is the corresponding action to make it happen. It is not enough to say the things we long for. We have to act on it!

For instance, many people will be jotting down their New Year's resolution in the next few days with the intent of seeking something permanent. However, it is a proven fact that many will abandon their "resolution" in less than three months and sadly, most won't make it past January. That means the change was only temporary.

Imagine if our employers were the same way. "I don't feel like paying you this week. Maybe tomorrow." We would have a fit!! Make 2009 different by committing to change regardless of how much it hurts or what is sacrificed in the process. You deserve better, and Sistah Confessions believes you can and will achieve it.

Sistah Confessions mission for 2009 is an "Impact For Change". Join us by sending your picture, email address, and a brief message about what you want to "change" or have "changed" and how it has affected you. All submissions will be read on air and some women could be featured as a guest on our radio show.

Tifany Jones
Founder and Radio Show Host
Sistah Confessions Book Club


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