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First Chapter Promo: The Fantasy Master Book

From The Fantasy Master Book. . .

Jasmine is a loyal, hardworking professional woman who enjoys the company of good friends, especially her best friend Renee. Unfortunately for Jasmine, all is not well at home. Her once passionate relationship with her boyfriend Lewis is now shrouded by secrets. After Jasmine and Renee uncover what Lewis has been doing while working late nights, she kicks the love of her life out of her life.

After time has passed, Jasmine meets Anthony, a man who takes her away from reality. She’s convinced she has met her soul mate and feels emotionally ready to give herself to Anthony. But Lewis is determined to ruin her new start with him. And now a lover from Lewis’ past will reveal a devastating secret to Jasmine, which may potentially take her away from Anthony, the master of all of her fantasies.

The Fantasy Master allows readers the opportunity to laugh, cry, and rejoice. It lets you address the emotional situation everyone experiences in real life and permits you to reflect on their significance. The Fantasy Master will keep you on the edge of your seat as you wonder what could possibly happen next.

CHAPTER 1 Book Promo
Jasmine awoke covered in sweat. Her hair that was once covered by a red satin wrap now lay moist on her shoulders. Her bloodshot eyes surrounded her light brown pupils, like the dark sky to a lonely moon. Her heartbeat was rapid, like a drum at an African ritual. She tossed the blanket to the side, allowing the cool air to help simmer her body temperature. Her hands moved smoothly across her wet skin, wiping the sweat from her brow. Her perky nipples stood at attention from the cold air from the fan above. She climbed out of bed and turned to look at her wet navy blue satin sheets. She dreamt of a passionate encounter, one that took her every fear and turned them into one erotic journey. A journey that made her inner passions come to life and which she never knew existed. She felt as though she passed out after masturbating and having one hell of an orgasm.

She peeped over at Lewis lying beside her on the bed, mo­tionless. She nudged him just enough to see if he’d awaken, but he didn’t. She needed to confide in someone about what she had experienced. Her girlfriend Renee was the first to come to mind.

The two had grown up together in a small, southern town. They occasionally sat up long nights discussing their adolescent issues; conversing mainly about the guys they would give their virginity to. Renee was the only person she would trust with the most intimate of details and
at that moment she knew she needed someone to talk too.

She quietly walked down the dark hallway to the dimly lit living room. She grabbed the cordless phone, still in disbelief about what she had dreamt. She curled up tightly on her leather chair and dialed Renee. She anxiously waited for her girlfriend to pick up the receiver but was greeted by an answering machine instead.

“Renee, are you there?” she softly spoke into her machine, trying not to wake Lewis.
Picking up the phone, “Hello…Jasmine?” she said as she caught her breath.
“I’m sorry did I catch you at a bad time?”
“No I’m fine; I was washing my face and didn’t hear the phone ring. Then I heard your voice and ran in to catch it.”
“For a minute there it sounded like you were in the middle of something.”
“Now you know if I was in the middle of something, answering this phone would be the last thing on my mind. Is everything okay?”
“I have to talk to you, do you have a minute?”
“Sure hold on one sec, I have to rinse this apricot scrub off. I’ll be right back,” Renee said as she went into the bathroom to finish rinsing off her face.
“Okay I’m back you now have my undivided attention, what’s on your mind?”
“I know what I’m going to say will probably sound crazy, but I have to tell you about a dream I had. It seemed so real.”
She began telling Renee about the dream. She couldn’t believe her ears.
“It just all seemed too damn real.”

“Are you sure it didn’t really happen and you’re covering up an actual encounter with this dream? Did you really meet a guy like that? Come on Jaz you can tell me. Who is this guy sniffing around the box? Besides, I hope he is real. You’re calling me sounding like something is seriously wrong at this time of night, for a damn dream?” “Nobody’s sniffing anything but I’m telling you I wish that Lewis was the guy in my dreams.” “Maybe it was an illusion of him? If it’s just a dream what’s the problem?”

“I feel bad dreaming that I had passionate, flaming, memorable sex with a guy other than Lewis. When I’m with someone, I’m with them and only. The dream felt so real, it was almost like I could actually feel his breath on me, and that was scary.”
“Are you sure it isn’t your secret desires for someone at work or someone you ran across in the streets?”
“No it’s not that at all.”
“Okay bitch you’re confusing the hell out of me.”
“You, imagine how confused I am?”
“So where does Lewis come in to play?”

“You know Renee, I love Lewis despite all his faults and mistakes, but he needs to start appreciating me more. I know we’re having problems, but every relationship does. I’m just tired of always feeling like I’ve done something wrong, when I know I didn’t. I just hope he’s not looking elsewhere for love. I pray the dream wasn’t a sign that Lewis is not the one for me. I hope he’s not messing around on me, I don’t think I could take it.”

“Don’t be silly Jasmine! That boy loves you, trust me I know. Besides, who else is going to put up with his shit?

“You’re right about that.”

“Besides you can’t concern yourself with all of that. A man is going to do what he wants. If he’s doing something, just hope he’s doing it with a woman and that he doesn’t bring anything back to you.”

“That’s not funny, but I guess you have a point. I don’t put anything past anyone these days.”
“Well let me ask you this Jaz? When was the last time you just threw his ass on the bed and fucked the shit out of him?”
“Excuse me?”

“Girl I’m talking about some just shut the fuck up and beat this pussy up shit? I mean leaving him with the sense that he doesn’t have to look elsewhere for anything?”
“That’s not me and besides I don’t think he’s looking for anything else, I’m just saying, I hope the dream isn’t playing on my fears.”

“Well a little word of advice: You shouldn’t have to wonder…you should know he’s not looking.”
“Why do I have to change, he should love and accept me the way I am.”
“I’m sure he does accept you the way you are and I’m sure he does love you but let me tell you this: When men start making changes in their schedules and the way they treat you, drastically changes…watch out!”

“Well I don’t think Lewis will do anything like that, I’m good to him.”
“I’m not trying to start anything I’m just suggesting that you broaden your sexual horizons a little you know? Let that freak inside you ride out,” Renee suggested again.
“I’m doing all I’m going to do and besides I’m no freak either.”
“We all have a little freak in us; it just depends on who brings that level of freak out of us. Maybe he isn’t the one to bring it out of you,” Renee said trying to educate her.
“Huh!” Jasmine responded quickly.

“Jasmine the way you’re sounding, it sounds like you just come home and put on your; none for you tonight outfit.”
“… And what outfit is that?”
“You know your t-shirt and granny panties.”
“It’s not like that; I wear nice things… sometimes.”
“It’s like this, if a guy comes along and arouses certain feelings in you, there’s nothing you’re going to be able to do to restrain yourself. Something in you is just going to let go and when that happens…” she said pausing.
“When what happens?”

“Girl I had to catch my breath, just thinking about what I did when it happened to me. When it happens, you’ll swing from a tree over a forest fire in a gasoline thong, just to get a little taste of him if he asks you to,” Renee said laughing aloud at her own comment.
“I’ll keep that in mind. Until then, I can only be me and do me.”
“Well do what you feel. I’m just trying to give you some advice: Step out of yourself Jaz…just for one moment. This doesn’t have anything to do with you; it’s about pleasing your man. You’re not having these dreams in vain.”
“I appreciate it, but I didn’t call for you to get all up in my sex life,” Jasmine said jokingly.
“Too late, you know what you should do?”
“What’s that Ms. Nasty?”

“You should go to the bedroom and pull off his shorts and give him head while he’s sleeping. Do it just long enough for him to wake up and realize what’s happening; let him get into it then just stop. Then climb up to him and whisper in his ear, just wanted to let you know what’s waiting for you when you get home. Kiss him on the cheeks and then turn over and go to sleep. I promise you he’ll bring his ass home from work quick, fast and in a hurry.”
“That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“You have to let him know you’re in control. If you’re that concerned, maybe that will ease your mind for a while. You have to keep him on his toes, stop being predictable.”
“I’m not going to do that; he’ll think I’m crazy.”
“Well you should make him feel crazy, that trick always works. Oh, never mind; go on ahead and keep all the head to yourself.”
“I just can’t do that.”

“You and Lewis have been together for a while now and you mean to tell me you haven’t given him head?’ Renee responded with shock in her voice.
“I did it once but it’s just not me.”
“With the way this world is today the easy access to the erotic world and how open and available sex is, you need to step your game up; there are women out there seeking someone like Lewis,” Renee warned her.
“Who’s seeking him out?”

“I’m just saying, if you’re not doing these things, it’ll be so easy for someone else to come along and blow his little mind. Men are so weak when it comes to sex. If you keep on believing that you don’t have to do anything, watch what happens.”
“If that’s the case then I’m apparently not the one for him,” Jasmine sounded off.
“If that’s how you feel about it, that’s on you. As a friend I’m trying to tell you, you’re setting your self up to loose him.”
“Lose him to who, you know something I don’t?”

“I’m not trying to put anything in your mind about Lewis, I’m just saying you may want to open up a little and maybe you can put an end to these dreams. You gave the man head once.
Come on now how in the hell does that sound? It doesn’t even sound right. Every time he tries to have sex with you it’s like he needs to put on boxing gloves and go twelve rounds with you before he can get some. Any man, no matter how good he is, will get tired of that. Hell, I’m tired of it and I’m not even him.”

“Your mind is just out there, since when did you become the relationship expert? Ms. I have a different man every other month.”
“That was a low blow.”
“I’m sorry about that I wasn’t trying to hit you low like that.”
“I just choose not to be in any kind of serious relationship with a man right now.”
“You’re trying to be in one with a woman?”
“You are just on a roll tonight, aren’t you?”
“I’m just joking with you.”
They laughed and joked a bit more about Lewis and finally hung up the phone.
She headed back to her room and stood over the bed looking at Lewis, “I hope I’m all you need,” Jasmine mumbled under her breath.

She sat on her bed for a moment, thinking about the conversation she had with Renee. She was contemplating about doing what Renee suggested but she just couldn’t pull herself to do it.
“Maybe she’s right, he does love me and only me so why do I doubt myself? Maybe I should do something to make sure that he knows that I love him and want him to feel that he doesn’t have to look elsewhere. I’ll do it another night…maybe,” she said to herself.

She crawled into bed, snuggled up next to Lewis, kissed him on the cheek and drifted back to sleep.

About the Author
Gregory L Henderson (GL). GL is an award-winning author and in his acclaimed work, The Fantasy Master, (TFM), he answers the question, "What price are you willing to pay to have a Fantasy? Are you willing to give up the love in your life for a temporary moment of pleasure?" The TFM, (238 pgs, tpb $17.95), kicks off a series of eleven novels-- including poetry and page turning short stories that leave you wanting more and more!

TFM covers a wide range of the human experience. From the mentality of an emotionally battered woman to the sensuous depths she experiences in her imagination and physical being. Henderson asks his readers to take a tour through the struggles and hardships of reality and bask in the fantasy of your wildest dreams; he even offers the opportunity to detour and get a second chance to rewrite history.GL was nominated for top new non-fiction author by the Charlotte’s Literary and Arts Awards and has been the opening act for the world famous comedy corner to promote his work. GL has also hosted fashion shows from Washington , D.C. , Columbia , SC , Charlotte , NC , Philadelphia and Pittsburg , PA .

G.L. is coming off a self titled national book tour, sponsored by the Oakley Corp. He is currently marketing TFM with another self titled unique book tour called “An Intimate Moment with G.L.” He is also marketing TFM on his website , and through merchandising; The Fantasy Master Love Basket, The Fantasy Master Relationship Love Game, t-shirts and his signature silk rose with The Official Scent of The Fantasy Master’s Cologne. His books are currently being distributed by Flawless Distribution Book Center.

Although only the beginning, The Fantasy Master has sold well over 10,000 copies independently (country-wide), and is well remembered and highly regarded among the masses who have read it thus far. Henderson is a successful self-published author so impeccable that the buzz generating about him is bubbling into a roar with the accumulation of happy new readers each day. Author Website: website
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