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Intimate Conversation with N. Quamere Cincere

Intimate Conversation Interview with author and community leader N. Quamere Cincere

N. Quamere Cincere is a dynamic, forward-thinking achievement motivator from Philadelphia. He has used his unique approach to the discipline of History to improve the mental, financial and social positions of his people and now shares his fresh and exciting formula for Knowledge of Self with you.

Black History Book Spotlight
We Ain't No Niggas! Exposing the Deception of YOUR World History Education by Mr. Nasier Quamere

Knowledge of Self Publishing is dedicated to publishing books that are dedicated to balancing history. We Ain't No Niggas! Exposing the Deception of YOUR World History Education by Mr. Nasier Quamere Cincere does just that.

N. Quamere Cincere has composed an easy to read, in your face, intellectual masterpiece that really does expose the deception in your World History education. This book IS REQUIRED READING FOR EVERY AFRICAN AMERICAN and beneficial reading for all European Americans. As he states, "Each letter of each word counts as a weight in helping to balance your education." Mr. Cincere lays the ground rules in the beginning of the book, then gets physical in bringing his point home throughout the rest of the text (especially the chapter What You Were Not Taught). You'll love his amazing, yet simple Malcolm X-George Washington comparison and his unapologetic promotion of the African origin of human civilization. His logic will resound in your heart and the hard core documentation and pictures will open your eyes to the TRUTH! Enjoy!

Ella: N. Quamere Cincere, where are you from?
I'm from the City of Philadelphia. Anybody who knows anything about Philadelphians can tell you that we don't take no mess, we don't cut any corners and we don't fall for game. We Ain't No Niggas! is written in that style. You will learn from it, you will teach your children by it and most importantly you will grow from the experience!

Ella: Introduce us to the heart of the book, We Ain't No Niggas!
We Ain't No Niggas! is the Black Positive/European Negative weight that is required to balance what you know about History. It's an unapologetic, tediously documented dose of sho' nuff, cultural self-esteem boosting T-R-U-T-H that will motivate you to get the piece of American pie you are entitled to!

Ella: How did you feel when you saw your book on the shelf for the first time?
First, I recognized the severe imbalance between Black fiction and Black non-fiction. Next, I felt ready to get to WORK!

Ella: Who did you write this book for?
This book was written for everybody educated in the American school system. We were all suckered into believing Black is wrong and White is right, but I'm here to tell you, all of our feces smells the same.

Ella: Well that is a interesting point! Tell us what motivated you to write this book.
I went to school for the first 24 years of my life earning a Magna Cum Laude undergraduate degree and a Summa Cum Laude graduate degree. After I walked down the isle for my Master's degree, I realized that after all those books I read, all those hours of studying, all those hours in the classroom, all I really learned about my History was as follows:
Slavery; Frederick Douglas; Slavery; Harriet Tubman; Slavery, Eli Whitney; Slavery; Benjamin Banneker; Slavery; George Washington Carver; Slavery; Dr. King; Slavery; Jesse Jackson... I knew there had to be more, so I commenced to reading History books written exclusively from the African and African American perspective. And after 10 years of reading what I was not taught, I got mad, sad, vindictive, playful, cunning, spiteful, witty, elated, hateful, and loving all at the same time. I could not understand why the positive aspects of African History and the negative aspects of European History were withheld from my education.

So, I furiously mixed all that emotion with all the knowledge I acquired, pushed real hard and out came We Ain't No Niggas! It's for the people who don't know what they don't know. I figured, if I had been in school that long and didn't know anything about myself, then what are my fellow brothers and sisters missing out on?

I thought to myself, what about the single mothers who were working full-time and lovingly devoting all their free time raising their children? What about that hard working brother putting in 60 hours a week to make ends meet? What was he missing out on? What about that young knucklehead who only lacked direction from a willing participant? What about my brothers and sisters in the hood? In suburbia? Out in the country? What about all the people I've ever met who acted shocked that I was young, Black and had a Master's degree? What about all the other people who earned their degrees right next to me? I thought to myself, what about my kids who are getting ready to get the same game run on them? That's what motivated me to write this book.

Ella: As a writer, what are some of the most important things you try to convey to readers through your books?
We have 4,000 years as Kings, Queens and Pharaohs, but only 400 years as slaves. Is your internal portrayal of Black people balanced?

Meet N. Quamere Cincere

Knowledge of Self Publishing

Author of the Award Winning:
We Ain't No Niggas! Exposing the Deception of YOUR World History Education
**2008 EDC Creations Best Book Award Winner**
**2007 Urban Reviews Award Winner**
**2007 African American Literary Award Winner**

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