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Poem: JOE'S SONG by Mozell Flemings


Who am I? Who am I that you should hate? If that’s really what you feel.
Just from appearances it’s plain to tell even now you don’t know me very well.
I seek the sun. I seek to drink. I to have hunger I to desire sleep.

I long to laugh, why do you make me cry...I’m trying to understand... I don’t know why. Your eyes like stone your hearts like ice through no wrong I’ve done just Black in your sight. Won’t you see...Just like you I live, I breathe, and I need love too.

Which one of us can say "I made the world?" How can you judge the way I look? What choice of mines was the form I took? God made us all to overcome. The road to peace through tolerance must run. Do you honestly believe you serve God’s will? A question to ponder an existence to fulfill.

Why live in hate, when we could just chill? With so much to learn and so much to teach, with each and every person we meet. I feel for you stuck in your ways. Living in a slavery of modern days. Lifting your lanyards to push me down…..when in reality we are all already on the ground.

Is life so bad that you must take your frustrations out against me? No matter how hard you try ...I won’t let you succeed.

For God is my strength in him I believe.

On judgment day we will meet again I pray your judgment won’t reflect how you treated your fellow man...then again...


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