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Welcome to the 2nd Annual Black History Book and Art Fair

Thank you for attending the 2009 Black History Literary Affair! Please take a moment and visit the archives to see what has been going on in the community. We offer some of the most stimulating conversation on the planet at the Black Authors Network!

Visit our Meet and Greet Center to tell us about you, your book or business. We want to know our new community members.

Each week of the event, 2 people will be selected from the Meet and Greet Center to win free books and prizes donated by the authors featured for the week. Make sure to stop by and say hi!

The first prizes to be given away Jan. 25-Feb.7, 2009 are:

If you have any questions please contact Ella Curry at this email address:

Each day active bloggers are selected to win free books and prizes, so leave your email address with each post. Thank you! EDC Creations Book Promotions.


  1. Hello,
    Welcome to the event. I hope you find the best book you ever read on this site. Happy hunting...

    Ella Curry

  2. Hi, this is Bettye Griffin, just popping in after reading Ella's email.

    Ella, it looks like you've got a wonderful setup here. As an author and a reader, I really appreciate all you do.

    I wish you all good reading! I invite everyone who stops in to visit my website to learn more about me and my novels.


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