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Audio Book Preview: Shadows of the Heart

Author/Speaker: Lord'Williams

Shadows of the Heart is an intense read. Author Lord'Williams skillfully intertwines a love story with something much darker. A battle between good and evil in a modern day world where a select group of people possess the power to save the entire human race. But when those powers are contained within everyday people who's hearts also contain lust and desire can the spiritual win out against the flesh? Take a ride with Mr. Williams as he reveals what lies beyond the shadows of the heart.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews
William and Yvonne Green have been married for 25 years but most of those years have been rocky. Things take a dramatic turn for the worst when William finds out about an affair that Yvonne is having with her former partner Lt. Robert Wells. Yvonne runs away with Robert to the Bahamas to sort things out. But when she visits a local witch and has a nervous breakdown, Yvonne becomes even more confused about her life. She wants to know the meaning of William's powers and her disturbing visions. Meanwhile, William is trying to confide in his best friend Jake about his dark past which includes numerous affairs and murder. Will William be able to reconcile with Yvonne before it's too late?

Shadows of The Heart is a riveting novel by Lord'Williams. Williams takes the reader into the world of love and destruction. At first glance, this story looks like a regular contemporary fiction novel about infidelity in a marriage, but it's so much more. This story is full of secret government operations, supernatural powers, and biblical references that will really keep the reader's attention. There's even a cliff-hanger ending that will definitely lead to a sequel. Shadows of The Heart is an engrossing novel that gives readers something out of the ordinary. (ISBN-10: 0981893805)


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