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Book Spotlight: The Reunion by John R. Williams

Author/Speaker: John R. Williams, Discussing The Reunion

Spotlight Book: The Reunion

Sean Jiles was very popular at Kensor High School on Chicago's Southside. His gifted writing ability, common sense and unwavering loyalty gained him lifelong friendships and a suitable following during his years there. After graduating, Sean moves to Dallas, Texas to attend college and pursue his dream of writing and directing stage plays.

While in college, Sean meets Eva Sparks, a sexy graduate student with attitude. They hit it off right away. Things start out fantastic but Sean soon realizes that Eva is more than he can handle. She is insecure, controlling, possessive and insanely jealous. She is a hot mess! In comparison, a far cry from Jade Brown, his high school sweetheart and true love from more than a decade ago.

Now a graduate, Sean has received $100,000 to produce his first major stage play. Between his career demands and problems with Eva, things are absolutely crazy! At the height of his dilemma, Sean receives an invitation to go back home and attend his 10-Year High School Class Reunion. This is great news!

Although Sean's life is chaotic, he will attend. The reunion is sure to be the highlight of his summer. A vacation from Eva couldn't have come at a better time. As exciting as it seems, Sean understands that the reunion will rehash tons of mixed emotions as well as force him to confront Eva and re-examine his failed love with Jade. Will Sean's departure lead him to lost love or send his girlfriend Eva into one of the most frenzied fits of jealousy ever captured on paper? This book will not disappoint!

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