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Book spotlight: Secrets Unveiled

Secrets Unveiled by Sheshena Pledger

A thrilling crime noir about a notorious crime family's ongoing fued with their biggest rival. Story unfolds to reveal how one family's deepest secrets can become another family's bait, used to hook their enemy and reel them in for the kill.

The plot of Secrets Unveiled unfolds to reveal one of America s most notorious fiction crime families. Breed by the late, infamous Samuel Harris, the Harris Family's tree is ripe with criminal minded individuals. Samuel's descendents are malefactors of the worst nature, including his own daughter, Natasha Harris. The Harris Family is notorious for their signature style of killing, capturing the attention of American families from coast to coast, all fearful of the wrath that the Harris Family unleashes in its fury.

Nick Miller, on the other hand, comes from a loving and protective mother, a charming father and an older brother whose involvement in his life has more of an impact on Nick than even Nick, himself, is aware of. Tension builds as Nick soon wakes up to the longest day of his life; a day that not only changes his life from that point on but also changes life as Nick knew it.

The novel contemplates the role that family plays in self-discovery, weighing a gained sense of belonging against an individual s loss of control. Is there always guilt by association? Is our destiny pre-determined? The plot goes on to reveal that it is a slippery slope on which we travel, when one family s secrets can be another family s bait.

Author: Sheshena Pledger
Book Title: Secrets Unveiled
ISBN: 978-1-4357-1918-7
Genre: Crime/Suspense/Thriller

Sheshena Pledger considers herself to be a military brat, having spent the first seventeen years of her life traveling around the United States and abroad with her active duty parents.

Although she attended three different high schools in two different countries, she was still able to graduate from High School in the Top Ten percentile of her graduating class. She went on to obtain both a B.A. in Media Arts and a M.B.A. in Business Administration with academic distinction. After obtaining her Master's Degree in 2007 and working as a Revenue Officer for the U.S. Treasury for her first full year, Labor Day rolled around and it was the first September since before preschool that she didn't have to start new classes for a new school year, so she pursued her lifetime goal: writing a novel.

Ms. Pledger started writing Secrets Unveiled that day, which she sites as her greatest achievement. She currently resides on Long Island, New York, where she is actively working on her second novel.

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