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• Exclusive Author Interview content – Not everything said in an interview makes it to the blog page, but you can find it in the newsletter.

• Expanded Book Review Analysis – Sometimes you want to know more than just the number of Sable Seals earned, get that info in the newsletter.

• Articles to help your writing or freelance career

• Book Excerpts – Everyone loves to try before they buy. Get a little taste before you buy the book, only in the Sable Lit Reviews Newsletter.

• Industry tidbits – What are the multicultural trends in media and current events today? Find out in greater detail in our Newsletter.

• Exclusive Multicultural commentary – When a quick blog post isn’t enough. Get more extensive multicultural commentary in the Sable Lit Reviews Newsletter.

• New, existing and re-release Info – Find out what new multicultural works are being released, where to get that old favorite for your own library and how that existing title favorite is stacking up among other readers.

• Spotlights of little known multicultural works that deserve your attention.

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