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EDC Reader Review: Nichelle Walker and Wahida Clark

EDC Creations Reader Review: Nichelle Walker and Wahida Clark

Money Over Men by Nichelle Walker
ISBN-10: 0979402824 | ISBN-13: 978-0979402821

She was left to die in jail, her jewels, clothes and cars where stripped away from her. She was betrayed and set up by the only family she had. When the world turned their back on her she became Shiesty. Emerald is coming home sooner than everyone thinks and the only thing on her mind is payback. Emerald killed the good girl she had in her and quickly became cold hearted and ruthless. Her new personality Shiesty wasn't letting anyone run over her or hurt her again.

But when tragedy strikes and a promise to her grandmother sets Shiesty plans back. Emerald tries to forgive and forget her past and move on with her life. But sometimes forgiving isn't always that easy. With Emerald battling her alter ego Shiesty, she takes everyone on a emotional roller coaster that they will never forget. Who will win the fight between doing what's right or getting even?

Author Nichelle Walker is also the author of Doing His Time. Nichelle can be found on her entertainment blog at: You can also check Nichelle out at her site Girls Do Rock ( which is her non-profit organization, started to encourage young women to get out and get an education and respect their bodies.

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