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BAN Pick: Naughty by Rochelle Alers

by Rochelle Alers

Breanna’s always craved the spotlight—which is a good thing as she always seems to be in it. Her record-producer father and R&B-diva mother are starting to get tired of Bree’s attention-getting antics, and her whirlwind marriage to a struggling actor could very well be the last straw for them.
But when the relationship implodes, no one could have predicted what Bree would be up to next. Abandoning her party girl ways, she runs to Europe and gets involved with Reuben, a caring artist. They become partners, both in bed and business, and start a lingerie line called Naughty. Everything seems to be going Bree’s way until she returns to the States and a new and devastating scandal threatens to bring her new world crashing to the ground… Buy the Book

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1 comment:

  1. Naughty was written a little differently in style than some of your other books, but I totally enjoyed it. I hope there will be a part two or a sequel, because I would love to see Beanna experience
    and enjoy tru happinss. It would be nice to see the character Ryder grow to something exciting. I also notice that your new series, :Best Men" is written at a faster past than usual. It's nice to see that you are willing to expand and improve on the great work you have done and continue to do!


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