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Book Spotlight: Change the World for Ten Bucks

Change the World for Ten Bucks
50 Ways to Make a Difference
by We Are What We Do

The big problems of the world cause the average person to become paralyzed, thinking that big issues need big solutions. But small actions can make a big difference. Change the World for Ten Bucks is created by We Are What We Do, a global social change movement that believes it’s not just politicians, institutions and big business that can change the world—ordinary people like us can change the world, too. Its aim is to bring us together to demonstrate love, using everyday actions to create a global movement of doing small actions and changing big problems.

Change the World for Ten Bucks outlines 50 simple things you can do to make a difference. You’ll find actions to take, references to organizations to help you perform the actions, related websites and more to guide you on your journey of “being what you do.”

With Change the World for Ten Bucks—in all it’s full-color, fun and not-for-profit glory— you’ll be a part of a new kind of community of independent doers, following the same banner and answering the questions that we all want answered. Included is a colorful tote that’s roomy, durable and 100% reusable and recyclable—perfect for anything from shopping to a day at the beach. Buy the Book

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