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We have selected amazing books to give as gifts all year long, to populate your home library shelves and to fill those special gift bags. Give the Gift of Knowledge, give a book! You can also read more detailed author interviews at: Share this page on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter!

SORMAG is going on tour.

SORMAG is going on tour.
We invite you to come along on our tour.


April 6 - Elaine Cantrell -
10 Tips For A Perfect Online Interview

April 7 - Dara Girard -
10 Tips For Promoting OnTwitter

April 8 - Chelle Hicks -
Tip For Writers Who Are Promoting Online

April 9 - Ty Moody -
10 Tips For Promoting On A Blog

April 10 - Wanza Leftwich -
5 Reasons Why You Should Attend An Online Conference

April 13 - APOOO –
Meet LaShaunda Hoffman

April 14 - Vanessa Richardson -
10 Tips For Promoting Online

April 15 - Patricia Woodside -
10 Tips For Promoting With A Podcast

April 16 - Bettye Griffin –http://
5 Low Cost Ways To Promote With An Online Magazine

April 17- Andrea Jackson -

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