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Black Pearls Magazine Christian Showcase

Black Pearls Magazine Christian Showcase
Christian, Motivational and Non-fiction authors reading from their books for the book club presidents. Many of the books are not on the shelves yet, join us for this great audio book preview! You may view the written magazine at:

For a list of authors reading live from their books, links to their sites and the times, visit this link:

Authors Reading Schedule

Presentation: Sister Girl It's Not That Serious, Min. Celeste Kelley
Music: Russel Blake from the Quiet Strength CD
Music: A Better Place by June Rochelle

8-8:30pm EST (Fiction)--Victoria Christopher Murray
-- Marilynn Griffith
-- Pat G'Orge Walker
-- Pat Simmons
-- Kia Stokes

8:30-9:00pm EST (Fiction)
Music: God is Good by June Rochelle
-- Toyi Ward
-- Roishina C. Henderson
-- Monique Miller
-- Angela Benson

9:30-10:00pm EST (Non-Fiction)
Music: Beauty Designed by God by Stanice Anderson
-- Poetry by Russel Blake
-- Stanice Anderson
-- Paulette Harper
-- Cheryl L. Donovan
-- Tyora "Ty" Moody; upcoming blog tours

10:00-10:30 EST (Non-Fiction)Sister Girl Series by Min. Celeste Kelley Narrative Exposition & Prayer
-- Sharon Norris Elliott
-- Min. Lamont Mclaurin
-- Sandra Hamer
-- Princess-`Odilia, SC

Quiet Strength, CD by Russel Blake is available on iTunes, Rhapsody, and MP3 Downloads.

Play This, CD by June Rochelle is available on CD Baby, iTunes, Rhapsody, and MP3 Downloads.

Russel BlakeNearly everyone would agree that music is one of the most significant and enduring art forms ever created by mankind, though most people still view it primarily as entertainment. An astute few seem capable of looking beyond music's obvious entertainment value, and among these is bassist Russel Blake. He views music as both a tool for healing the spirit, and as a means of removing the cultural barriers which divide us, by serving as mankind's universal language.


EDC Creations Celebrates the Rise of Book Clubs
Join us in meeting book clubs, social network founders, readers groups, radio show hosts and community leaders. We celebrate quality literature weekly! Visit Black Pearls Magazine to see all the literary leaders.
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Book Club Presidents Showcase
We are celebrating the literary supporters. Join us in meeting those literary leaders. Ask questions, share your book reviews and check out the live author readings too!
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Honoring All Reader's Groups and Book Clubs You may read their histories on the front page of Black Pearls Magazine at:
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