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Keeping Secrets and Telling Lies

Keeping Secrets and Telling Lies Book Launch Party
Author: Trice Hickman
ISBN-13: 9780979561818

What would you do if the secret you were keeping could set you free, yet ultimately devastate the ones you love?.........

After six years of marriage, Victoria and Ted are the ultimate power couple. She's a beautiful, business savvy sister who owns one of Atlanta's most sought after event planning companies. He's a powerful, blue-eyed CEO who knows how to take care of business in and out of the boardroom.

But their seemingly happy life begins to unravel in the blink of an eye when long held desires and decades old secrets come back to haunt them. Victoria's road to deceit begins when Parker Brightwood re-enters her life. She thought she'd gotten over the brazenly handsome surgeon who once stole her heart, but an unusual set of circumstances ushers the ebony prince back on the scene, and this time he's determined to win her back at any cost.

Ted's undoing begins with his mother's sudden death, and a mysterious secret that leads to unexpected places. When the truth is finally revealed, it's a realization so shocking, it threatens the life and marriage he holds so dear. As Victoria and Ted journey down a road filled with uncertainty, they're forced to take a hard, honest look at themselves and confront their hidden fears. Can they repair the damage before it's too late, or will they follow a path headed toward destruction?

About the Author
Trice Hickman, is the author of Unexpected Interruptions, which won the Southeastern Virginia Arts Association's 2008 Afr Am Literary Award for Best New African American Voice, and the Best Romance Novel Award at the 2008 African American Literary Awards Show. Visit her website at: ISBN-10: 0979561817

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