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Meet Toniwo and Allison Hobbs Authors

Meet authors Toniwo and Allison Hobbs
BAN Radio Show

Allison Hobbs discusses the life of an author and her new books. Ella and Allison dish on commuity issues. Author and producer Toniwo shares with Ella the life of a female serial killer! You have to join us! Meet fantastic authors and literary leaders right here on the sofa with Ella Curry, president of EDC Creations Media.

Discordia Caught in Rapture
by Toniwo

Discordia, the Roman goddess of discord, haunts battlefields and delights in human bloodshed. Discordia lives in Rapture Comeaux, a woman who is one breakup from a nervous breakdown. When Richard enters her life, she believes her one true love has finally come. But through deceptive practices & contempt against her heart, Rapture finds out that no man can be redeem of his sins, except through death.

Her wrath is relentless and her bitterness for those men who have wronged her in the past grows into monstrous proportions. She walks the earth like much like the goddess of strife, with her head striking the heavens, among the onslaught as her mere presence makes men s pain heavier. Who will stop her? Only one person knows the connection between the slayings, but will it be told? Rapture is no longer the rational strong Black woman she once was, she is now Discordia, A Black Female Serial Killer.

Pure Paradise
byAllison Hobbs

A deliciously decadent glimpse inside a day salon that also caters to the sexual fantasies of its affluent clientele.

Behind closed doors, the Pure Paradise salon secretly offers a more salacious menu of services for its discerning clients.
While the company is raking in the dough, its proprietor Milan cultivates her own personal Rolodex of willing men and women who crave to indulge her most voracious desires. It would seem as if Milan has it all, but she wants more.
For Milan, the ultimate catch would be the elusive Hilton Dorsey, an unreasonably handsome, former football player.

But her relentless, irrational pursuit of the golden boy has caused Milan to neglect her financial benefactor, jeopardizing her budding empire. Will her obsession with Hilton Dorsey be her ultimate downfall? National bestselling author Allison Hobbs returns with another heart-thumping erotic adventure with Pure Paradise, a thrilling novel that caters to the sensual tastes of a diverse audience that is sure to leave readers begging for more.

Allison Hobbs is a former member of the female trio of singers known as Brown
Sugar, and a self-taught folk artist. She is a nationally bestselling author and
has been featured in such periodicals as Romantic Times and The Philadelphia
Tribune. She lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Discordia Caught in Rapture by Toniwo

That's What You Get For Running With Scissors
Author: Toniwo
ISBN-13: 9780595397433

Pure Paradise
Author: Allison Hobbs
ISBN-13: 9781593092245

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