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Carbon Copy by Azarel Online Book Tour


Sibling Rivalry at Its Finest
by Azarel

Got a sister? Got a brother? If so, you probably can testify to a few low-key feuds over the years. And some folk…well maybe a couple of jabs here and there. What about murder? Yes, I said it…Murder! It’s been done before more than you’ll ever know. Family melt-downs go back to the beginning of time. Think about Cain and Abel, Marsha and Janet Brady, or even Latoya and Janet Jackson.

Of course we hear about sibling celebrity feuds nowadays since every Tom, Dick, and Harry wants to be the paparazzi. Let’s take the Olsen twins, Mary Kate and Ashley. They have billions, yet still have that contention and competition amongst themselves. Now one lives on the West coast and the other on the East. The one thing they have over the rest of us…they have billions to fuss over, most of us don’t.

Sibling rivalry is just something that can’t be erased. If you’re human, chances are you have some crazy stories that come to mind. Do you want what he or she has? Jealous about how they look? Didn’t get your Mama’s shape…ended up with your Dad’s instead? What about being pissed because you are the sibling who didn’t go to college, or the sibling who can’t keep a good paying job?

Oh, and what about your love life. Are you the one upset because your brother or sister stole your man? Yep, I said it. This day in time you never know. You gotta watch your mate with both sexes. But let’s focus on sisters for a moment. Sister rifts are torturous; especially in black women. I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying, “Don’t let me take off my earrings”.

Well in 2009, we don’t just fight anymore. What about, “I will kill you!” Well for now, ingest what I’ve just said. Let author, publisher, Azarel take you behind the scenes and finish the rest in Carbon Copy, a new novel exposing Sibling Rivalry at its Finest.

Carbon Copy by Azarel (ISBN-13: 9781934230671)
Have you ever craved someone so bad…that you’d be willing to do anything?

Read chapter 1 of Carbon Copy

Meet Dominique Lewis, a foul, hard-boiled, go-getter who spends most of her days yearning to be just like her sister, and plotting on taking her man. For her, it’s all about money, sex, and power. Although she possesses the perfect physique and sexy features, her life-long dream is to become wealthy and a house-hold name. By any means necessary, she vows to get what she wants.

As Dominique’s mission unfolds, she manages to get connected to Yuri, a violent replacement for the man she really sought. After realizing she’s partnered with a beast, her world turns upside down. And soon, after the tragic murder of her sister, all hell breaks loose when Dominique’s cover is blown.

Armed with revenge on the brain, and a status goal in mind, Dominique soon appoints herself as Rapheal’s woman, the most sought after millionaire in Atlanta. Raphael’s lavish status in town would put her on a new level, right where she always dreamed…the only problem …he never said he wanted her. In an effort to hold on to Rapheal, and all the elaborate material possessions, Dominique sets out on a deadly mission to remove anything that stands in her way. 

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Carbon Copy by Azarel

ISBN-13: 9781934230671
Website:    and

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