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Book Reviews Wretched Saints by Marc Lacy

Book Title: Wretched Saints - When the Righteous Path Leads to Hell's Doorstep
by Assuanta Fay Howard and Marc Lacy

Between these covers may be your spark to eternal life or a ticket to everlasting confusion...depending on how you look at it. For we all have the greatest intentions at heart regardless of whatever we may desire to accomplish. Our faith provides energy and focus during the lifelong scamper down the path of righteousness. However, one thing that poses the greatest challenge is the fact that no human being can escape being human...’til death do us part. Temptation lies behind each exit off of Heaven’s highways. Detours become more alluring as construction takes place within the most crucial times of our lives - in turn, potentially providing a next day delivery service to hell’s doorstep.

Wretched Saints provides a literary window through which we may possibly see traits of ourselves within one or more of the characters as they learn the hard way to listen when God is talking. Thus His signal, when digested properly allows suppression of sinful urges opening up the door, for spiritual growth.

Are you a Wretched Saint? Open the covers...and see.

Of course our desire is to walk within The Kingdom’s Neighborhood, but it can be very difficult leaving the alluring amenities of home. We have the protocol down pat; especially when others can witness us “witnessing.” However, when backs are turned and the sun has set, the righteous hotness of the self-proclaimed saint can suddenly turn lukewarm. Although the tongue can no longer house rationalizations, we still find a way to verbally cover spiritual deficits...thus casting us further into a pit of unrighteous debt surrounded by several unused shovels.

Wretched Saints Excerpt by Marc Lacy and Assuanta Fay Howard

Book Club or Peer Reviews:

“Wretched Saints illustrates how we all fall short of God’s glory, yet by His mercy, we can get back up.”
- Elissa Gabrielle, Point of No Return

“Wretched Saints is a reminder that we are not always in control. It is torment served on the door mats of Christians, who carry bibles as body armor. It is a revelation to your third-eye.”
- Dionne Character, 2004 Essence Music Festival Best Selling Author/Poet, 7 Pairs of Black Shoes, Street Diva, Twisted Straps and A Sapphire Moon, and WildFlower

“Powerful, gripping, and eye-opening! Walk into the pages of the Wretches Saints and immerse yourself in the captivating stories that lie within. A well-written, thought provoking work of engaging stories.”
- Trice Hickman, National Bestselling Author

“In Wretched Saints, you will be treated to tales of everyday life, learning lessons through the eyes of both saint and sinner alike, some of whom will never learn...until it’s too late. For what is life, but a test of Faith and the Spirit? I hope you will enjoy the trials and tribulations served up by some of the hottest authors in the business, Marc Lacy, and Assuanta Fay Howard.”
- Eric Pete, National Bestselling Author

Wretched Saints
ISBN-10: 0974971235
ISBN-13: 978-0974971230
Categories/genre: Fiction/Drama
List distributors of the book: Baker & Taylor; Lushena

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