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AGAPE: The Triangle, The Circle, The Cross

AGAPE: The Triangle, The Circle, The Cross
by Darryl Montague

Based in Philadelphia, AGAPE- The Triangle, The Circle, The Cross  is a compelling contemporary story that explores love, relationship, and forgiveness, in the midst of life’s storms. When Robert Miller, a high-powered advertising executive falls into a deep depression after his fiancee Tiffany abandons the relationship without any signs of unhappiness, his life is thrown into a tailspin. 

Not fully knowing how to deal with his heartache, he loses focus with his job, family, and friends.  He meets Serena, a single mother with two children, who is not without issues of her own.  They develop an unlikely relationship.  However, trouble brews when the men of her past resurface and seek to ignite their relationship with her.  In the meantime, Robert is faced with revealing a dark family secret that has kept his mother in a mental institution for nearly twenty-years. Having to explain his past becomes a conflict as he expose to his sisters Diamond and Jade that the father they've always known, isn't the man they believed.

About the Author
Darryl Montague
is a native of Richmond, but now resides in Philadelphia Pa.  At an early age Darryl fell in love with writing when he first read the Huckleberry Finn novel.  Because the story was full with rich characters and great imagery, Darryl was drawn into the art of writing. For over twenty-years Darryl has been writing short stories, novels, and poetry.  Now with a concentrated focus on writing fiction that empower readers, Darryl has vowed to make certain his writing adds value and impact on reader’s lives that will teach lessons of life. Darryl’s mission in life is to uplift,  motivate, and encourage people that will allow them to walk into the fullness of their possibility.

AGAPE: The Triangle, The Circle, The Cross
ISBN: 9780976584384
Contemporary Fiction; Christian Romance


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