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Daniel's Wife by Anna Christian

Daniel's Wife by Anna Christian.  Listen to the reading and share with friends:

Chapter 20: Primary message-the story of a woman's journey from dependence to independence. I wrote Daniel's Wife to show what can happen when one person is heavily dependent upon another not only for their livelihood, but also for their physical and mental wellbeing.

Daniel's Wife by Anna Christian

Jessica Weaver’s life was perfect. Her handsome, gregarious husband Daniel, a public relations consultant, made a good salary and provided her with a lifestyle to be envied; however, when Daniel goes away on a business trip and doesn’t return, Jessica’s life falls apart. After five years of marriage, Jessie, whose life revolved around her husband, finds herself alone in a strange town. Having set aside thoughts of a career or life outside of marriage, she must start all over again.

The novel is set in the 1980’s in Judson Springs, a small city in the Northwest which houses the state’s only prison. Daniel and Jessie Weaver have only recently relocated there when he is sent to open a new office in another city. To occupy her time while Daniel is away, Jessie begins work as a substitute teacher at the local schools. This is her first professional job and the first time she has been separated from her husband. When Daniel’s job keeps him away longer than expected, Jessie, driven by loneliness, decides to find activities to occupy her time when not being called to substitute. Putting aside her fears, she accepts an invitation to attend a meeting at a local organization.

At the Society to Enhance Black Cultural Advancement, or SEBCA, Jessie meets Clarisse, a wealthy, flamboyant member. Clarisse befriends her and introduces her to other members of African American society in Judson Springs, upper middle-class professionals who live on the “hill.”

Receiving a letter from Daniel that he will not be returning to Judson Springs, Jessie refuses to believe it. However, by continuing to deny the fact that their marriage is over, she nearly suffers a breakdown.

Jessie is at a low point when she meets Cleveland Earl, a prisoner who lives in a half way house and works in the community while awaiting his release. At first Jessie struggles to maintain distance. However, as her feelings for him grow, so, too, does her need to discover herself. At first she denies her friendship with Cleveland.

Clarisse and the circle in which Jessie is now a part would not approve. As her need for him grows, she must choose between Clarisse and the Society, and Cleveland. In her struggle to find herself, she discovers values that will not let her sit on the sideline of life.

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