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Growing Up in Fatherless Homes by Dr. Daryl Green

Growing Up in Fatherless Homes
by Dr. Daryl Green

With millions of fathers missing from homes, there are unintended consequences to this epidemic in America. Despite all of the government and social support available, today’s children still need a strong male role model in their homes. A noted expert shares some helpful information with Black Pearls readers.

Recently, Desmond Hatchett made an impression with many people in the news. The 33 year old man from Tennessee was requesting relief from the court on his child support. It was reported that he had 30 children with 11 women. With a minimum wage job, Hatchett was struggling to meet his financial comments to his children. The court required him to turn over 50% of his wages for child support, which was based primarily on the children ages and their needs. Sadly, some mothers were only getting $1.49 a month for their children. Consequently, Hatchett could not meet his financial responsibilities as a father. However, not meeting the mental and spiritual needs may have longer ramifications on his children.

Fatherless homes aren't a pleasant experience for many folks in society. Some individuals are fortunate to have a caring, supportive father. Unfortunately, numerous people live without one. Across the social spectrum, many individuals are living with deep wounds left by their fathers.

Some people maintain that today’s men are not simply sperm donors. According to the 2005 Census Report, there are 66.3 million fathers in the United States. There are 26.5 million fathers in a traditional family environment (married couples with children under the age of 18). Sadly, everything is not a pleasant story. There are 4.6 million fathers who pay child support, representing 84% of child support providers.

Dr. Daryl Green, nationally recognized lecturer on cultural issues, has done extensive research on cultural issues impacting today and future leaders. His last book, Job Strategies for the 21st Century: How to Assist Today’s College Students during Economic Turbulence, has been rated number one on Dr. Green sees how popular culture has demonized traditional fathers: “Clearly, we are being bombarded with negative stories about fathers. Most people today view fathers in destructive stereotypes. However, most educators and researchers would argue the importance of a strong male role model in the home.” Missing fathers have become a national crisis with unintended consequences.

Due to the increase in ‘out-of-wedlock’ births and the high number of divorces, children living away from their biological fathers have become commonplace. Numerous stories paint a terrible picture for these fatherless children. Some facts that bear out this reality: (a) 85% of children with behavioral problems come from fatherless homes, according to the Center for Disease Control, (b) 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes, (c) 85% of all youth in prison come from fatherless homes, and (d) 75% of all youth in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes.

Dr. Green notes that single parents and other families without strong fathers need to find opportunities where they can showcase positive male figures. “Fathers are necessary to achieve a healthy family balance even though they are not celebrated as such.” He further suggests that citizens should showcase the positive things fathers are doing in their communities while counseling the misguided ones. America cannot survive without real fathers and real men.

Don’t Be An Old Fool is available online at and other book retailers. You can also view the book trailer on at Dr. Green is available for media interviews. For more information about the book or the authors, please contact Donna Gilliard at 865-216-9209 or visit Dr. Green on his website,

About the Author

Dr. Daryl Green
is a management strategist and nationally-recognized author who has been noted and quoted in major media outlets, including USA Today, Associated Press, and Ebony Magazine. He is an adjunct professor at Lincoln Memorial University, and a former faculty member at Knoxville College. Green has spent more than 20 years assisting organizations and individuals with making good decisions.

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