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All or Nothing By Delorse A. Brown

All or Nothing By Delorse A. Brown

All or Nothing is a daring drama drizzled with deceit, deception and death that follow the trials and tribulations of two sisters, Loni and Lou Maze.

After the tragic death of their parents, seventeen-year-old Lou instantly finds herself the guardian of her thirteen-year-old sister Loni. After a night out on the town, in celebration of her eighteenth birthday, Lou slowly hits rock bottom, becoming a useless junky.

Mean while, neglect forces Loni to fend for herself, pushing her into the streets and leading her into the arms of B-Style, a low-life street hustler, and Rufus, a notorious pimp and murderer. After Rufus' false promises and B-Style's betrayal, Loni sets out for vengeance, determined to have All or Nothing, eliminating anything or anyone who gets in her way. [Read More]

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