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An Extra Ordinary Affair

An Extra Ordinary Affair
By Baba Evans Moore

Leaning over the rail of the wooden pier, contemplating suicide, Siobhan’s bad experiences with the men in her life flashed before her. First, her handsome “mama’s boy” caved in to his mother’s dislike for her, terminating their storybook marriage.

Dejected by his rejection and pregnant, she fled a world of glamour as a successful model in New York and relocated to Atlanta. There she met Edward, the one man who seemed to understand her pain. When he discovered she was dancing in Atlanta’s exotic clubs and earning money to make their life comfortable, he flipped out, ushered her out of Atlanta in the middle of the night, and took her to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Now, as the wind whipped warm raindrops across her face, she found inner strength enough to vow, “To hell with men. I can live without them.” An angel of mercy heard her cry.

Unexpectedly, Richard, a self-made millionaire, saw more than her beautiful face and sexy body. He changed Siobhan’s outlook on life and she captured his heart.

Baba Evans, an urban griot, once again tells a rewarding story of overcoming diversity to find love and happiness. [Read More]

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