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Become a Workshop Facilitator


Thank you for taking part in the upcoming Black History Literary Affair. Our theme is "Give the Gift of Knowledge." This is a exciting time for us all! I can't wait to meet you online. The BAN Radio event kicks off Jan. 25 - Mar. 7, 2009, please join us on the air.

We seek to bring together our modern day Griots to share with us the history of our people and to lead us into the future. Please submit the information listed below within 7 days, so that we can create your information for the blog workshops. Follow the instructions to the letter, so that it makes it easier for my staff to upload your material.

Keep this one thought in mind: more is NOT better on the Internet. The shorter you can keep your text, the more likely you will be in getting readers to respond. During the workshops, break up long posts, articles or information into a series of posts. Spell check and edit all material before submitting, no revisions or repostings after we post it to the Internet. It is solely your responsibility to edit.

All bio information should be kept to ONE paragraph. Only ONE book or business promoted per promotional workshop. If you miss a scheduled event, it will not be rescheduled during February. We are on a really tight schedule to get all participants on the radio show in one hour and to get all information posted. If you are serious about becoming a EDC Creations Workshop Facilitator, you can prepare your material in advance, email it to me and just wait until your show date. If for some reason you can't make the live radio show, your workshop can still continue. This helps us to not mislead our fans and to give them exactly what we advertised.
Email me for the full workshop details via pdf:

In order to stay up to date on the activities and promotions surrounding the BHM 6-week event. I suggest that you sign up for our weekly newsletter. It is your choice, not a requirement.
The link to subscribe is on the top right hand side of the magazine.

Please visit the link below and select 2 days that you would like to appear on the radio program. Your blog workshops will be scheduled by the nature of content you offer. You will suggest workshop topics that are based on the themes listed on this link:

Materials Needed to Facilitate A Blog Workshop on BAN Radio
-- Dates you can appear on the 9pm EST radio show
-- Email address that can be used with a Blogger/G-mail account**
-- Title of the book, genre, synopsis, business or product name and author's name
-- One paragraph biography and photo of the author, group leader or business owner
-- One paragraph of text describing the workshop details
-- Image of book, product or banner attached to the email
-- List of website links to videos, book seller and main website
-- HTML code to book video trailers or slide-shows
-- Submit full workshop presentation, summary and handouts (pdf files)

Please email me with any questions that you may have about the presentations. We will contact you when we are ready for you to become the guest blogger of the day. You may participant freely the entire year, with the rest of our guests. Let me know that you received this email.

** In order to post to the official BHM blog, you will need to be able to post to You will use this address to access the blog and post your articles and spotlight discussions for the daily chatters. This is not access for placing "ads" on the official blog. The permissions are given so that you can provide quality material to add value to the event goers. All permissions will be removed on March 9, 2009. Violators will be removed immediately without notice.

Include all text information in the body of an email only. Attach all images to the email. Label the subject line in all email: Black History Workshops on BAN Radio. Email Ella with all the materials to complete your project:

If you would like to donate autographed copies of your book to the event, product samples or promotional materials, please mail them along with a business card in each book, to the following address:

Ella Curry, EDC Creations
PO Box 7794
Langley Park, MD 20787

Warmest regards,
Ella Curry, president of EDC Creations Media Group


Join the Conversation, leave questions or comments below. Each day active bloggers are selected to win free books and prizes, so leave your email address with each post. Thank you!

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