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Book spotlight: The Unchanging Majesty of God


Heed the munificent tones of the Master Gardener, Reverend Joseph Massey, as he expounds on the pageantry of prophecy of God's Landscape in his new text of poetry, The Unchanging Majesty of God: Wisdom for Living Revealed in God's Creation.

This collection of nature's glory is filled with resolute goodness and brings to the life the historical Garden of Eden and gives voice to the Garden’s evolution today. Each poem presents a new understanding of nature's language, offering the urgent voices of each drop of sea water and each gentle breeze which strain to explain God's prophetic plan and how it is now manifesting earth's Destiny.

As a dendrochronolgist of sorts, instead of measuring the rings of each tree, Reverend Massey examines the metaphorical aspects of these ageless timbers and reflects on how their symmetry affects every day life. By reading such works as, 'Frozen Trees and Frigid Waters'; 'A Dead Leaf Lesson'; and Gold on Forest Trees', discover the true answer to the ageless question regarding a tree falling in the woods. If a tree falls in the woods, by reading the works of Rev. Massey, we would not only hear it, but see it in our mind’s eye and understand the why of each fallen leaf.

'No Beaten Path' is a true testimony to Man's faith in God. Rev. Massey offers one of the “secrets” of Man's true purpose; which unfolds with the knowledge that while the journey is sometimes arduous, if conscious moments are taken to recall God's eternal love and allow Him to guide our steps then His light will illuminate the well-traveled path. Just as Reverend Massey shared the miracle of love in his acclaimed poetry collection, “For the Joy of Love”, he now enlightens the senses by sharing God's natural parables in this poignant collection of global splendor and creation.

Rev. Joseph William Massey
Company Name: Blowing Up Barriers Enterprises

Rev. Joseph William Massey is the author of two books of poetry, For The Joy of Love and The Unchanging Majesty of God. A probation officer for the City of Philadelphia for 28 years, he was a member of the Paul Roberts Singers and Associate Minister of Zion Baptist Church of Ardmore for several decades.

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