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Community Chat: What Happens When God Moves

What Happens When God Moves (ISBN: 9781420830125)
is a true inspirational about the life of a young woman who experiences many trials and tribulations over a decade of her life which include incest which results in pregnancy, death of child, brief incarceration, witnessing a shooting, almost becoming homeless, and losing her job.

All these circumstances develop this young entrepreneur into very successful business-woman, motivational speaker, consultant, singer, actor and now author. This true story should inspire others to never give up and keep the faith and to walk in the direction that the Lord is leading you in at all times. The book will also minister to couples who are or have experienced rocky times in their marriage. The struggle comes before success!

YouTube interview from Channel 3 in Memphis

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Lessons learned from the book,What Happens When God Moves
(ISBN: 9781420830125)

1. Even though my start was rough God moved upon my life
2. Keeping the faith was difficult but it all paid off
3. Being married is hardwork and takes a great deal of strength
4. It is possible to be a successful wife, mother, author, teacher,singer, actor, etc
5. When we don't see God Moving, doesn't mean He's not there

Community Discussion Questions
1. Did you ever feel like God left you?
2. How did you overcome the death of your child?
3. What inspired you to continue while going through all the trials and tribulations?
4. What was your relationship like with Christ and people when you changed?
5. What advice would you give someone who has been through so much trauma?

Sharen Rooks
Public Relations & Community Activist Firm
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  1. I'm so excited about the Chat topics. It's very inspiring to see all the gifts and talents of others. My prayer is to be able to empower others to keep the faith!
    I can't wait to see how God is going to Move upon this magazine.

  2. Did you ever feel like God left you?

    We usually feel alone and apart from God when we sin or tragedy takes place. But any true child of God knows that the Father never leaves. We are the ones who cause the emptiness inside. Even if the tragedy or sin was not with our hands, the feeling of "apart from God" is ours when we lose faith in Him. He never leaves!

    An Apology to My Father©

    Dear God -
    I turned my back on you
    At a time when I needed you most
    I didn't realize it then

    I was so caught up
    In the Mesmer of man
    Expecting him to fulfill my desires
    I didn't realize it then

    When my desires were left
    Without manifestation
    My heart waxed cold toward man
    Toward You too

    Who am I to think I
    Could make it without You?
    Well, the experiment is over
    Statistics have proven
    There is no me without You

    I know You get me
    You understand why I do
    The things I do
    You understand why I say
    The things I say
    You understand why I feel
    The things I feel
    You know, You created me

    I wish that You would
    Enlighten me about me
    What do You see
    Can I see it too

    I'm sorry for my sinful behavior


    Irma L Williams -


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