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Ex-Free: 9 Keys To Freedom After Heartbreak

Ex-Free: 9 Keys To Freedom After Heartbreak

Getting over your ex is exactly that and such a process requires actions beyond crying, spreading rumors, stalking, ignoring or avoiding the situation. In order to better understand how you navigate the tumultuous sea of love, these 9 Keys allow you to determine the best way for you to overcome heartbreak and make the right decision.

Once you understand what makes you happy you will know what works for you in a relationship. The information and exercises will help identify the Boat You Float on the sea of love. Upon completing this book and integrating the 9 Keys to freedom, your perception of yourself will never be the same. You will view your ex as a formerly necessary but forever finished aspect of your past. Discover and find the treasures you're truly hunting for. The 9 Keys will also give you the ability to recognize the things that you shared with your ex and the importance that those experiences will have in your future relationships.

Troy Byer, one of Hollywood's successful writers, directors, and actors has had an impressive career in the entertainment industry since the age of four when she starred in the Emmy Award-winning PBS series, Sesame Street. She later went on to star in such prime time hit television series as Dynasty and Murder One. With an unbridled passion for writing, an exceptional visual eye and a knack for storytelling, Troy went on to write and direct major theatrical films for Warner Brothers and New Line Pictures with such stars as Martin Landau and Halle Berry.

Along with her passion for film making, Troy's commitment to the study and practice of Ontology has grown and deepened over the years. As a result, Troy began participating in Transformational Programs for global organizations at the ripe age of seventeen. After years of training, and pursuing her degree in Psychobiology, Troy has had the privilege of transforming the lives of thousands as a senior leader for the global organization. Today, when not tending to her ten-year-old son, Troy continues to transform the lives of others in her private practice. In addition, Troy has the ongoing opportunity to expand on her “Freedom” book series that is designed to liberate both individuals and communities; Ex-Free being the debut of the series, Troy has now turned her extensive writing skills towards helping others.

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