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I AM Powerful Because...

I AM Powerful Because...

I am powerful because God is my Center. When situations on my right and left demand my energy and time; I can rest in the center of His will.

I am powerful because God created me with a purpose in mind; it does not matter what hurt I have experienced, in time I will heal.

I am powerful because all the chaos that was supposed to destroy my life; instead has actually made me who I am today.

I am powerful because I do not have to wonder if God loves me, I know that He is with me and He walks with me each day.

I am powerful because in my darkest moments when I wanted to give up, there were so many things that I did not understand.

I am powerful because I looked for Him and He was there shinning light in my darkness and reaching out His hand.

I am powerful, not because I possess the finest gifts but because I have not lost myself, I love who God has created me to be.

I am powerful because I understand that great wealth does not come from money alone but great wealth is on the inside of me.

I am powerful because I will not allow another individual’s perceptions or opinions define who I am or all that I can do.

I am powerful because I see myself through my Father’s eyes, He doesn’t make mistakes; only treasures that He wants to use.

Most importantly, I am powerful because of the great and mighty works that He does.
He is the only reason that I can say I am Powerful, He is my Because...

Copyright 2009 Theresa Lewis

Meet author and poet Theresa Lewis
I am the loving wife of George Lewis Sr. and the mother of three wonderful children: Tyresha, Zephanasia, and George Lewis Jr. I was born and raised in Oklahoma City; I currently reside in Louisiana and I am a member of Rivers of Living Waters Church. I was inspired to write Turn Your Tears Into Joy "Through Poetry & Inspirations of Life Lessons" based on the many lessons I had learned throughout life. I thank God for the opportunity to share this book with everyone and I know that all who reads will be blessed.

"Whatever life may bring, I will lift my head and sing".
Whether it's a song of joy or a song of sorrow;
I will continue singing because I know who holds tomorrow.


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  1. I am powerful because I know who and whose I am. I am powerful because there is no one in the universe quite like me. I am powerful because I am uniquely fashioned and creaed by an omnipotent, omniscent, omnipresent God who loves himself some Shelia!


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