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by: David W. Johnson, Jr.
Fr: The Citizens of Baltimore City

Too many citizens treat Police as though they were the enemy
However, when we are in trouble, Police are the first to be called
Let me assure you, crime, not the police are citizens’ archenemy
We support “Stop Snitching” until away our children are hauled

True, like citizens, not every police officer is clean and straight
That would be like believing all parents and grandparents are
Good families, like good police, we should try to help, not berate
In the society we created, police are our best protection by far

We call the police if our Sister is murdered or Mother is robbed
“Gang-bangers” do the same to strangers, we keep it to ourselves
With little or no community support, how can police do their jobs?
Better, start caring about more than our personal families’ lives

Men and Women in uniforms could have chosen another lifestyle
Instead, they choose to put their lives on the line daily to protect us
See them out doing their jobs and we will not offer them even a smile
Tell me, who is it, drug dealers and gangs or the police we cannot trust

Too often, we hear about someone’s daughter raped at a bus stop
Someone’s mother leaving the market and being robbed at gunpoint
If there were no police, we would starve because we could not shop
Without police, rapist and pedophiles would never make it to the “joint”

If citizens cared about police the way, police care about them, WOW!!
Better, stop shooting or killing and start “Supporting Our Local Police”
How can we have safer communities; we can start by helping Police is how
We do not help, crime will increase, lend a hand, and crime will decrease

Police, Firefighters, Ambulance drivers all should have our utmost support
Motorist will not even pull over knowing ambulances are trying to save lives
Our failures to pull over could be turning a hospital stay into a death report
We care less about public servants and more about carrying guns and knives

This poem will hopefully encourage real community appreciation for our Police
With our local police officer as oppose to hoodlums, everyday we best consort
Fortunately, with home security and our local police we can rest in some peace
If we do not want to be prisoners in our homes, “Police Could Use Our Support”
Thanks Officer Dante Arthur For Helping Make Baltimore City Safer

Message from the author:
After visiting Officer Dante Arthur at Shock Trauma on Sunday and meeting with his family, I was inspired to write the attached poem. To all Marylanders I strongly suggest we start taking a more positive and aggressive stance where our children are concerned. We cannot continue to let our children run wild. Our children are controlling us, instead of the other way around.

The "Police Could Use Our Support" poem I gave to his wife to present to him when he wakes up. The "Greatest Wife" poem I gave to his wife, from him.

We must help politicians, teachers, police and community leaders in an effort to give our children a future. I am trying desperately everyday and I could use your assistance. Saving our children is not about money but about their and our future.


David W. Johnson, Jr.
Founder & PresidentIf We Save Our Children We Save America
(410) 265-0028 (Home/Office)
(410) 646-5187 ext. 14 (Day/Office)
(410) 984-3086 (C)
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