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Intimate Conversation with author Milton Davis

Intimate Conversation Interview with Milton Davis

Milton Davis poses as a chemist by day in order to pursue his true identity as a fantasy and science fiction writer in the evenings and on weekends. He is married with two children and resides in Fayetteville, GA. Meji is his first novel.

Ella: Milton, introduce us to your book, Meji.
Meji is a Sword and Soul novel about the lives of twin brothers, Ndoro and Obaseki. It's the story of their special birith and how their unique abilities eventually change their world of Uhuru. Meji is an origin story, the story about the founders of a people.

Ella: Tell us what motivated you to write this book.
I was tired of reading sword and sorcery books based on Celtic culture. I wanted to create something based on African culture that presented black characters in an exciting and positive manner.

Ella: What makes your book stand out? Why should we buy your book?
The fact that Meji is combines fantasy, history and culture in an exciting and fresh way makes it stand out. Anyone looking for an exciting adventure from a different perspective will love Meji.

Ella: What are the readers saying about your book?
The response has been very positive. The terms I hear are exciting, detailed, and engrossing. I've had a few people say its the best book they read in '08, no joke. We received a 3.5 out of 5 review with Rawsistaz (The review is posted below) Eveyone that's read Meji is asking for Book Two.

Ella: What's the best thing about being a published author?
This is a dream come true. I'm publishing my book the way I wanted the public to see it and the response has been excellent. It doesn't get any better.

Ella: What are you doing next? When can we expect to see you touring?
Meji Book Two is in the works. My goal is to have ten titles in five years. I'm open to online tours, but I'm sticking close to home otherwise. I've sold more books locally than online so I'm working to expand my base in Atlanta.

Ella: Readers, Milton can be reached at for bookclub chats. Visit the author's website at:

Book: MEJI
MVmedia, LLC,
April 2008
238 Pages,
ISBN: 0980084202

Reviewed by aNN Brown of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers
Date Reviewed: Dec 4, 2008

MEJI is a regal tale that encompasses many characters, and a variety of cultures, tribes and kingdoms.

Shani is one of the many wives of King Dingane. Dingane has prayed to the gods for an heir to his throne, and the gods answered in kind. On the continent of Uhuru, in the grasslands of the Sesu, Inkosi Dingane is granted his wish. Shani gives him a son, an heir to his growing empire. But the ancestors have plans of their own. Shani bears him twin boys, meji, an abomination among the Sesu, but a blessing to Shani’s people. According to Sesu law, one, if not both, of the sons must be killed. To rescue the newborns from ritual infanticide, Shani’s servant is sent into the night with the twins in-tow. But Dingane is not to be denied, upon his arrival in Mawena he is given one son and told the other son has been put to death.

MEJI introduces Ndoro and Obaskei and shares their destinies. Ndoro, the twin taken by the father, is a warrior who fights desperately to build his legend in Sesu and break free of the abomination of being a twin. Obaskei, raised by his mother’s people in Mawena, is equally stigmatized; he has a gift that ultimately alienates him and leads to his exile. There are two paths to follow but one destiny to fulfill; the twins must become one, fulfill their destinies and change their respective worlds.

Readers will voyage with Ndoro and Obaskei on their converging paths and will be immersed in a blend of African folklore, mythology, sorcery, and history. Davis creates a seductive world with lush, exotic landscapes and tells a tale in the vein of African Griots. MEJI is a fantastic, mystifying, bewildering journey, with pulse-pounding action, vivid description and moral dilemmas.
aNN is a Computer Systems Analyst who resides in Newport News, VA. She is an avid and eclectic reader and enjoys sharing her views on authors and books.


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