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Intimate Conversation with Poet Marc Lacy

Intimate Conversation with Author and Poet Marc Lacy

Huntsville, Alabama native Marc Lacy discovered his knack for creative writing, poetry and being well-balanced at an early age. In high school, Marc received numerous awards for his excellence in the areas of English, German, Political Science, Mathematics and Athletics.

Marc is most noted for his smooth flowing lyrics and creative mind which are exuded in his eloquently written and dramatically performed poetry and spoken word. The energy within Marc’s work can certainly be attributed to his strong faith in God.

Marc is the publisher of two books of poetry (Rock & Fire and The Looking Heart), and producer of two spoken word cds (REFlux and RTIQlation).

Ella: Marc, introduce us to your book, Rock & Fire – Love Poetry from the Core
Rock and Fire - Love Poetry from the Core offers mature, realistic, fantasy, blunt, and hard-line scribes dealing with love in all shapes, forms, and fashions. This edgy, comprehensive lyrical package (for grown folks only) covers the spiritual, emotional, romantic, physical, and mental
aspects of love. As human beings, during our nonstop effort to evolve toward a higher degree of existing, we all go through several phases where we expose ourselves to different elements. In our valiant attempt to achieve, realize, and deliver this thing called “love”; love itself breaks
us down and often has us indirectly touching the outer limits of every facet of the subject as they pertain to happiness, anger, arousal, and despair. Love is real. It sometimes prompts us to engage in real things whether good, bad, or ugly. In order to grow, we have to acknowledge each
event as it materializes into its fullest effect. Whether we want to attest to it or not, every situation encountered dealing with love gives all the signs and/or symbols we need in order to grow. Love, or what we think is love, can enter us into challenging situations in which we have no business being, but we still have to use the experience as a learning tool in order to advance in life.

Ella: Why did you select poetry as your theme?
My primary genre is poetry. I chose this particular genre because I feel that my writing is somewhat lyrical, flowing, and can potentially deliver a much needed message with surgical precision to the attentive...and un-attentive eye.

Ella: Do you have main characters in the books?
Although, the characters in my poetry aren’t really developed or named per se, they are considered to be within the likeness of everyday people.

Ella: What impact will this book have on the readers?
I feel that the main influence that my book will have on readers, is a sense of realness and relief. I say this because “Rock & Fire” talks about several issues pertaining to love that people actually experience; but are afraid to talk about.

Ella: What makes a successful author, in your opinion?
First and foremost, I feel that the author must be forever a student of the craft of writing and never cease efforts in developing their literary skills.

Ella: Marc, tell us about your passion for writing and your journey.
Once I discovered that I actually had some sort of knack for scribing at a fairly young age, it had taken a while before the actual passion had manifested itself. In high school, I had written short stories and essays with the greatest of ease under the tutelage of various dedicated English/Literature instructors. Serious momentum was carried into the college realm in the form of “Humanities” as more of my creative writing skills were displayed then as well. Often times I would be asked to write and perform poetry at various functions while in college. Because a
platform of development was not established for me at the time, my poetic skills lie dormant for a number of years until I decided to pick up the pen again and express while collecting my thoughts. As I had written more and more, my skills continued to develop. My poetic “bank” exhibited immense figures. All the while, I had been in and out of studios experimenting
with recording my voice of tracks. I was also featured on various radio stations spitting a lyric or tow over the airwaves. This is when I decided to publish and also develop as a spoken word artist. With God’s gracious blessings, I have self-published two books of poetry and produced two spoken word cds.

Ella: Marc, what's new in your world?
I am currently in the studio working on yet another spoken word cd project. I am also working on my very first fiction short story publication: “Wretched Saints.” Author Assuanta Fay Howard is co-authoring this work with me. We are anticipating a spring/summer 09 release.

Ella: What accomplishments do you wish to achieve in 2009?
In 2009, along with publishing Wretched Saints, I desire to collaborate on a high level with various musicians and spoken word artists on their projects as well as mine. I also aspire to increase my online literary marketability while learning as much as The Creator allows me.

Ella: Share with us your website address or MySpace page, book seller website and
contact information. I would like for the readers to meet you in other arenas.

Pick up a copy of Rock & Fire – Love Poetry from the Core
ISBN 978-0-9749712-8-5


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