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Poem: American Dowry by Mozell Fleming

American Dowry

Stentorian love songs
Black again to shatter the lies
they told to discourage you...
Truth lies.

Beauty that they failed to see
failed to recognize.
Lost in Pandora’s eyes.

Be wary
When fools become wise
the truth is set free.

No longer can Styx run over me
only when…. I look into eyes.
Eyes that are ready to see.

One fell away
The other shunned

Self-esteem, pride, and the dreaded past
was then, is again …at last
The truth set free

Hidden behind the lies
of the carrion that came to devour me… mine
to prick my soul to bleed my eyes

The tears that ran like rain
and I swore to God that I would not fall
I'd never love again...

Then, I looked at you.
Your skin so smooth and fit so tight
I could scarcely attempt to breathe.

I asked myself if you
were there with me
now as well as then... again I look

Again I see
The forbidden fruit that grew

From the lies
From the death
Life found

The seed of all the good
that they have overlooked
I’m delivered a child from gorgons’ womb

A peach...from history…. Hymeneal race
All one need do is see.

Contact Poet and Author Mozell Flemings at:
Copyright 2009 written by Mozell Flemings for the 2009 Black History Book Fair


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