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Preaching Woman Empowerment Conference

Plan to join us for the 2009 Preaching Woman Empowerment Conference, June 11-13, 2009 at the Washington DC Dulles Airport Marriott Hotel. This conference promises to be one of the most exciting and informative events that you will attend for women in or aspiring to be in ministry! Make the decision to "invest in yourself and expect return in your ministry!"

What's To Expect at the 2009 Preaching Woman Empowerment Conference:

Morning Prayer of Purpose and Power:

Start your morning afresh with the 7am "Prayer of Purpose and Power." Experience the glory of God as you and hundreds of other women seek to touch Heaven and bask in God's matchless glory. You will come away energized with purpose and with power to fulfill the magnificent plans of God for your life. This is an intercessory prayer session you don't want to miss!

Interactive Power Packed Workshops:
During our interactive conference workshops, you will have any opportunity to be inspired toward perfection as you experience and learn from some of the most experienced spectacular facilitators in the gospel ministry arena. These workshops will be sure to provide you with practical preparation, information and demonstrations that you will be able to implement in your ministry and personal life immediately! Take a look at the workshops that will be offered below:

Developing Creative Sermons and Deliveries
Ministry Etiquette for Women
Effective Evangelism
Managing Your Emotions In Ministry
Marketing the Woman Behind the Ministry
I've Got to Find Balance!
Faith and Finances
Why Does It Hurt So Bad?
Intercession: Getting in touch with Heaven!

Exciting Panel Discussion and Question and Answer Sessions
What do your male counter parts expect when you come to speak? What should you expect from them? This will be an exciting and very informative discussion where you will get an opportunity to ask the questions that you've always wondered about. Come prepared to get the insight that you need to be successful and effective in ministry. This will be a session you definitely don't want to miss!

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