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Welcome to the 2009 Black History Literary Affair

Thank you for attending the 2009 Black History Literary Affair! Please take a moment and visit the archives to see what has been going on in the community. We offer some of the most stimulating conversation on the planet at the Black Authors Network!

Visit our Meet and Greet Center to tell us about you, your book or business. We want to know our new community members.

Each week of the event, 2 people will be selected from the Meet and Greet Center to win free books and prizes donated by the authors featured for the week. Make sure to stop by and say hi!

Our first community discussion is on Why Black History is Important. Please visit the post below and watch the video, leave your response below the video. Through out this site you will find lots of places to share your thoughts and opinions. For each daily discussion topic you are invited to post your own articles that relate to the theme. We ask that you keep your posts to 300 words or less for posting articles. People are more apt to read shorter posts and retain your message. Also, leave your email address and website address with each article posted.

Tune into the Black Authors Network Radio Show for the next 42 days for our nightly panel discussions. You may view the list of themes here. We invite you to join us in the chat room to discuss the show with others. Our partners have donated over 25o books! Chatters will win books for particpating. Each night 2-3 people will win books!

Events for this week on BAN Radio and Blogspot:

Seminar: How to Become a Top Selling Author or Poet
Dates: Jan. 26-31, 2009; FREE; Open to the Public
Time: 9-10pm EST (Maryland) on BAN Radio
Show Location: BAN Radio during Nightly Sessions
Guest Speakers announced here daily (on the blog)
Live Chat at:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 William R. Patterson Host
Strategies for Book Marketing & Promotion
Highly-Effective Strategies for Book Marketing & Promotion
Time: 9-10pm EST on BAN Radio
Show Location: BAN Radio Show

Have you always wanted to write that best-selling book, but don't know where to start or all the revenue opportunities available to you? Do you have an existing book, but are experiencing only lackluster sales? Have you struggled to get your book carried in stores and with online sales? Learn from international best-selling author William R. Patterson the step-by-step process marketing a book quickly and on a limited budget. Don't wait for fame to find you. Create you own success! Meet William on BAN Radio for this on air workshop.

Sweet Soul Sisters Literary Event
Ella Curry interviewing authors live at the Sweet Soul Sisters Literary Event, Jan. 30-31. Footage will be posted here.

Jan. 25-Feb. 16 Join Daily Chats to win prizes
Read the featured articles and share your thoughts
Check out the featured authors and poets
Learn, Network and Inspire at BAN workshops

Popular bloggers win free books each week, by actively participating in the daily conversations. Tell your friends to stop by and visit too...Give the Gift of Knowlege!

Each day active bloggers are selected to win free books and prizes, so leave your email address with each post. Thank you! EDC Creations Book Promotions.

If you have any questions please contact Ella Curry at this email address:

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