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Book Spotlight: If I Had Known

If I Had Known (children's book)

Karen Cross refers to her first book If I Had Known as her personal “parenting detox.” It is a call to parents to embrace the day-to-day joys of parenting that are many times over shadowed by daily chores and routines. If I Had Known seeks to lifts up the precious parenting moments that once passed, can never be regained.

"If I had known you would grow in the blink of an eye, we would have painted more pictures, and I would have smiled when you asked a thousand whys. Beauty and joy always abound when welcoming a new child into the world. It is a special time for mothers, brothers, sisters, and fathers. Read and grow with your child as you make plans to experience all the fun that childhood offers. By taking advice from a mom who has experienced the growth of her own child, you can make lasting memories that will be invaluable.

Document your children’s growth so one day you don’t say to yourself If I Had Known. Karen Ponder Cross has devoted her life’s work to serving children. As a mother, grandmother, and gifted teacher, she has touched the lives of countless children with her wisdom, witty perspective, and deep faith. She is relentless in her pursuit to make the world a better place for all. "

Meet the Author
Karen Cross is a wife, mom, and 30+ year educator. At an early age, she was taught the value of books. By reading books she began to travel to far away lands and relive pages of history that brought change to America. Most importantly, Karen learned to dream. She is a “dreamer”who sees beyond boundaries and limitations.

Book ISBNs:
10 Digit 1-6069602-8-8
13 Digit 978-1-6069602-8-8

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