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Devon Scott author of Unfaithful meets Sweet Soul Sisters

Unfaithful by Devon Scott (5 star review)
ISBN-10: 0758226985 ---- ISBN-13: 978-0758226983

Devon Scott author of Unfaithful book discussion with the Sweet Soul Sisters Bookclub, Maryland.. Readers, the bookclub and Devon are discussing only ONE of the series of life-altering scenes in the book. This interview will discuss the acts that lead the reader on a fast paced, page-turning read from page one. View more hot book reviews at EDC Creations.

Your Wildest Fantasies...
He's smart, successful, happily-married--and has the best of everything. But ambitious business executive Ryan can't stop thinking about the woman he can't have: Olivia. She's his friend, his co-worker...and his best friend Miles's wife. It only takes one irresistible moment, one luscious taste, to ignite their relationship into an insatiable fire...

Can Become Your Worst Nightmares...
But Ryan's erotic fantasies are slowly unraveling his career, marriage, and friendships as he discovers his mind-blowing tryst was nothing more than a treacherous charade. Now his obsession and sexual escapades threaten to ruin all he's worked so hard for, trapping him deeper into a web of illicit desire, deceit, and danger...

“Scott is an author to notice . . . Seduction, deceit, anguish and obsession flow in this page-turner.” —Romantic Times Book Reviews, 4 stars

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