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In Love With A Younger Man by Cheryl Robinson

In Love With A Younger Man
by Cheryl Robinson

Cheryl Robinson’s Sweet Georgia Brown was hailed by Romantic Times as “... filled with humor and the revealing, touching moments of everyday life.” Now she’s back with the story of a woman who falls for a man young enough to be her son.... At forty-two, Olena Day has her life under control. Her professional life, at least.

As a corporate sales professional, she has a lucrative career that consumes most of her time. But having earned a years’ sabbatical, what will she do now? Enter Matthew Harper, a management trainee for a large auto dealer, who has big plans when it comes to his career. But relationships? He’s never been serious about any of the young girls who have thrown themselves at him.
But this ambitious and fine bachelor’s world gets rocked when sexy, sophisticated Olena walks into his dealership. She may be looking for a new car—but she’ll end up with a lot more than she bargained for when she realizes the young man showing her around the showroom can’t take his eyes off her. The feeling is mutual and the sexual tension between them is undeniable. But besides their eighteen year age difference, there is another secret that could threaten this May-December romance. Buy the Book

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